Tuesday Drama Guide: Beti VS Kam Zarf VS Mere Humdum

5th February Tuesday 2019 dramas

What dramas are actually worth watching on Tuesdays? Well, three prominent dramas airing on Tuesdays are Beti, Kam Zarf and Mere Humdum. All of these are definitely different with something unique to offer to the viewers, but we realize that your time is precious and you can only watch one drama at a time. So which of these will win in this regard?

Beti (ARY) IDream Production

Let’s start with Beti, the drama that has us all sitting on the edge of our seats. This episode, Mariam attempts to fight for the rights to keep her daughter with her, but finds out the hard way that it is not easy for a single mother to gain custody of her child in Pakistan. As her lawyer says himself, unless she is able to provide financially for her child, Mariam would not be able to win any case. But time is running out for Mariam as her daughter gets treated badly by her husband’s family, especially the Dadi who is hell-bent on ensuring that her daughter dies. We’re glad the drama has found its way back on track to what it originally aimed for, which was to raise awareness about a social issue. In the previous couple of episode, the focus had been more on drama and family clashes rather than the issue itself, but Beti has returned to its roots in this week’s episode.

Kam Zarf (GEO) Mastermind Productions

Nabeel (Alyy Khan) the man Aima had been in love with in the past, has certainly returned but with a hidden agenda in mind, which is to extort money out of her. He is shown to already have a wife and a family but he tries to convince Aima to lend him money for a made-up business venture. But Aima does not fall for this trick immediately. It is hard to sympathize with Aima fully since the way she treats Azar’s new wife is disgusting and it appears Karma will soon hit her in the form of Nabeel. Azar (Junaid Khan) himself remains aloof and distant from his new wife and even despises her a little. Kam Zarf has definitely managed to catch our attention although the story spirals into the same old repetition of plotlines time and again. However, it does promise to get exciting as we get to know Azar’s new wife more.

Mere Humdum (HUM Tv) MD Productions

The drama gets increasingly more interesting with each episode. This episode, Warda and Haris finalize their marriage date while also attempt to get to know each other better. During this, Warda begins to have doubts about whether Haris actually likes her or not. When she expresses her doubts to Osama, he defends his friend but Warda becomes firmer in her belief even on the eve of her wedding. Meanwhile, Osama struggles with his own hidden feelings for Warda and starts feeling guilty for falling for his best friend’s fiancée. Overall, the episode was extremely sad and touching and every character’s acting was to the point. We can’t wait to see what more this drama has in store for us.


Kam Zarf is ruling the ratings and is being increasingly liked. It comes out on the top while Beti is also popular among us all for its gripping story. The two dramas are definitely in close competition and are worth checking. You may even find the darker nature of Beti too serious for you in which case, Kam Zarf is a better option. Do let us know what you thought of these dramas!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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