Michael Bay directed 6 Underground released its first trailer and the trailer is full of action and swag. Michael Bay, the director behind Transformers series and Pearl Harbor is always known for an overdose of action and stunts. The trailer of “6 Underground” compliments his stature. And the best actor to match this style of actions is Ryan Reynolds hence we can easily say that the casting done by Michael is spot on.

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The trailer was quite lengthy but it was a visual treat. The full fledged action involved in the film is something that is best enjoyed on a big screen. However this is a Netflix movie. After watching the trailer it makes one wonder that why the film is not going to hit the theaters. It definitely carries more action than Luc Besson’s Anna and also more than Chris Hemsworth starrer Men In Black International.

The trailer does give out a lot of story but its the pacing and back to back action sequences which keep you hooked till the end. Director could have thrown in some more dialogues of Ryan Reynolds ,as he is the kind of star who can pull off punchlines perfectly in such an action heist. But still Ryan is looking fantastic in the whole trailer.

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Now, Michael Bay has a huge history with cinema as he has given multiple Hits in the shape of films like Bad Boys, Transformers and Pearl Harbor. It is quite a shocker that film of such a huge magnitude won’t release in the cinemas. We saw choppers, Jets, Cars and much more in the trailer but this mega opus which left us in awe won’t be releasing in the cinemas globally rather it will be streaming on Netflix from 13th December.

What are you thoughts on the trailer?

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