The trailer of the much awaited film, “Project Ghazi” has been released. The sci-fi action film stars Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar and Syra Shehroz in lead roles.

The film enjoys the novelty of being one of the first sci-fi and superhero films of Pakistan with promising graphics. The genre is relatively new and comes cross as a fresh breath of air among the many tried and tested genres.

The film revolves around a team of scientists and soldiers aiming to produce a new breed of advanced weaponized soldiers code named Project Ghazi for the safeguard of the country.

In the start of the trailer, Sheheryar Munawar as Zain questions Humayun Saeed’s character namely Salaar that what makes him so special that his father chose to give his life for him (Salaar)? The mystery intensifies as he answers that perhaps he did so because he knew that he was the only one who could survive.

The trailer does not give away much, while building our curiosity. It is, however quickly established that Zain has super powers which he wishes to use for good and fight alongside the Pakistani Army. The protagonist declares that his will power is stronger than everything and is ready to put up a fight.

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We are told that the country’s intelligentsia is being kidnapped and murdered. The dreaded Qataan palyed by Adnan Jaffer is behind this and he plans to spread a toxin in the entire country, one that harms or elicits one’s inner fire/wrath/ or the worst of them.

Qataan has to be stopped. Zain, Salaar and Zara played by Syra Shehroz will be indulging in a battle in the action thriller alongside the Pakistani Army. The trailer appears promising and is commendable. We eagerly await the film to see if the action flick is able to fulfill our expectations.

The film has been helmed by Nadir Shah and produced by Ali Raza. As we broke the news earlier, the film will be releasing on 22nd March. It will be distributed by IMGC.

Watch the trailer here:

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