The fourth installment of the highly adored animated series Toy Story is here and it surely recreates the magic! The toys are back with their fun and amusing antics and its surely going to be an enjoyable ride. The series are especially a treat for children.

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The vibrant and colorful world of toys turn upside down once again as Bonnie creates a toy out of a fork. The fork has become Bonnie’s favorite toy however it escapes! The toy fork seeks freedom as it believes its not actually a toy. Woody as always jumps out of the window following the fork as he cares about Bonnie’s happiness and therefore wants fork to stay.

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This is where Woody will get lost once again! Amusingly Woody manages to convince Fork to come back for Bonnie however he himself is manipulated into staying by Bow who takes him to an amusement park filled with children!

She shows him the possibility of living with countless children and Woody seems to be highly amused with the idea. However there is surely something fishy going on and Woody would once again need rescuing.

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Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang are out and about in search of Woody and are on their fourth adventure!

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Watch the trailer here:

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