2019 had its fair share of scandals and gossips regarding the tinsel town! While people absolutely adore celebrities and love to keep a tab on them, they can also be very skeptical about them. Being public figures, celebrities remain in the limelight for both right and wrong reasons.

Here are the top 6 celebrity controversies of 2019 which made the headlines!

1. Rabi Pirzada’s private videos & photos leak

Rabi Pirzada’s private pictures and videos were leaked. Her privacy was breached as someone hacked into her phone and made her data public! With many platforms sharing her private data, Rabi Pirzada was deeply mortified. Many celebrities came out to support Rabi Pirzada and shamed all those who were spreading her data. Rabi Piraza apologized and decided to quit showbiz after the whole episode which was truly sad as no one deserves to have their private data leaked.

2. Mohsin Abbas Haider Accused Of Domestic Violence

Actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider came under fire after his then wife Fatima Sohail accused him of domestic violence. She also alleged that Mohsin Abbas Haider was in an extra marital affair with model/ actress Nazish Jahangir and that he refused to take care of his newborn son. Things got heated up as Mohsin Abbas Haider resorted to character assassination in response. He also narrated some baffling incidents that remained in the headlines for quite some time! The legal battle ended in a lot of dirty laundry being shared in public and ultimately a divorce.

3. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Platonic Relationship With Naimal Khawar

Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his marriage to Naimal Khawar in a rather peculiar manner! The actor started off a long paragraph by telling people that in times when people tend to get carried away in their relationships before marriage, he shared a platonic relationship with the actress whom he was about to marry. Preaching morality, the actor was of the view that this is how it should be done! People reacted in different ways to Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post. While some appreciated him, others laughed at him and called him a pseudo ‘Mullah’!

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4. Yasir Hussain Proposed To Iqra Aziz at Lux Style Awards 2019

In a rather dramatic move, Yasir Hussain got down on his knees in front of Iqra Aziz at Lux Style Awards. During his time of hosting, the actor proposed Iqra in front of everyone. The proposal was cheered on by fellow actors as Iqra Aziz said yes and wore the ring! However Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz were mercilessly trolled for the proposal as many criticized Yasir Hussain for his sudden burst of affection on Iqra, after she said yes.

5. Mehwish Hayat wins Tamgha-e-Imtiaz

Actress Mehwish Hayat won Tamgha-e-Imitaz which did not bode well with a lot of people! Many criticized her, claiming that the actress did not deserve the civil award. Others defamed and accused her of winning the award through immoral ways. People debated whether or not Mehwish Hayat deserved the honor.

Many celebrities such as Fahad Mustafa, Mahira Khan Humayun Saeed, Ushna Shahn, Osman Khalid Butt and Azfar Rehman among others came out in support of Mehwish Hayat, while the actress also gave those who wrongly accused her, a piece of her mind!

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6. Firdous Jamal commented on Mahira Khan’s age

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal shocked people when he criticized Mahira Khan in a live show. Not only did he comment on her acting abilities, he was also of the view that the actress is quite aged as well. He said, “We don’t have heroines at this age, they only play the characters of mothers”

Firdous Jamal came under fire for his comments as celebrities later came out in support of Mahira Khan, saying that being a veteran, Firdous Jamal should choose his words more carefully. Others were more forgiving and said that the actor was entitled to his opinion.

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