We are midway through 2019 and this year welcomed some amazing dramas while some amazing ones exited. We have a look at all the dramas airing throughout the week and pick our favorite 5 that excelled in terms of narrative, performances, and ranking. So here the recommended top 5 dramas of the week:

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 6: Indulging


Yaariyan is a complex love story of four broken hearts, however now the drama is moving towards some resolve and heading in a different direction. The best part about the drama is the star cast, all the protagonist continue to impress us with their fantastic performances keeping the dramas interesting.


Cheekh is a unique narrative and has a unique way of execution, the credit goes to Badar Mehmood and the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah. The actors have done an excellent job with their avatars. The drama is heading towards its conclusion and the way things have turned around we look forward to seeing how Mannat plays this in her favor. Cheekh without doubt is our Saturday night fix.


Hasad is a story of envy, hatred and what it does to a family. Minal Khan continues to give an impactful performance. The drama’s pacing is being appreciated and all the actors in supporting roles are impressive as well.


Anaa though a complex love story, keeps us entangled in its web every week. While Areesh, Anya and Daneen’s lives keep getting complicated, Izza and Altamash’s chemistry is sweet. The drama touches themes of family conflict, ego and superficial honor that is coming in the way of the protagonist’s happiness. The director manages to maintain good pace and the episodes are visually stunning as well.

5.Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris continues to win us over with its beautiful story and meaningful dialogues. The drama has managed to maintain a quality, grace and impact through out. There is no exaggeration and drama remains crisp.The actors, writer and director combination is working out very well and we look forward to a new episode every week.

Cheekh Episode 28: Karma Prevails for Yawar

Besides these 5, two dramas that also continue to impress us as well are Surkh Chandini and Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Both dramas have a great narrative to offer and they deserve a mention. They may not be doing so well in terms of popularity and ranking, however the stories , the acting and direction is a class apart.

So which is your favorite?


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