We are midway through 2019 and this year welcomed some amazing dramas while some amazing ones exited. We have a look at all the dramas airing throughout the week and pick our favorite 5 that excelled in terms of narrative, performances, and ranking. So here the recommended top 5 dramas of the week:

Ramz e Ishq Episode 4: Jaw Dropping


The twists and turns in Yaariyan keep us hooked. The star cast make the characters all the more convincing and we can related to them even more.


Cheekh is nearing its end with just one episode left to go.The drama has managed to maintain a great narrative and as the drama ends , we are on our toes to see how it ends.


Minal Khan starrer Hasad is being loved for its content and Minal Khan’s performance is being much appreciated. The topic of the drama is something that is very common in our society and it has been depicted very well.


Anaa is being loved for it lead protagonists and their relationship. It is a sweet story about love. There is a good variety being offered in terms of all the characters.The drama has a certain level of uncertainty to it and the way family conflict is inserted in the way of their happiness is interesting.

Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris continues to win us over with its narrative, dialogues and characterization.The drama has maintained a good pace and took the story forward in a very interesting and decent way. We look forward to seeing it every week.

Exclusive: Iffat Umer is on Cloud 9 Courtesy Shahrukh Khan


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