top 5 dramas of the week

All week long we have some amazing dramas telling us different stories and taking us into their fictional world, captivating us with their characters, dialogues and acting. While some make us laugh and some make us cry all in all they provide quality entertainment for us all week long.

Out of all these drama we will be recommending you our top 5 dramas that had our hearts this week.

Suno Chanda 2 Epi 6: Fun Unlimited

1. Suno Chanda (HUM TV)

This Ramazan special has entered our top 5 list with a bang. The comedy drama is back on public demand for a second season.So far the serial has managed to maintain quality and hilarity. We are loving every actor’s performance and we look forward to what more is to come. The narrative is simple yet clever incorporating all characters in every episode.The drama without doubt is entertaining. The best part is the level of comedy is classy and not even close to exaggeration. The traits given to every character is unique and keeps us engaged throughout the episode.

2. Cheekh (ARY Digital)

While we are used to high octane intense scenes in Cheekh, its emotional arc is also as engaging. The drama has given us major surprises but the court proceedings are developing slowly. We hope that focus is shifted to the case as we would love to see some progression in the real issue of the drama. Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas and Emmad Irfani continue to impress us with their power packed performances.

3. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (HUM TV)

This drama doesn’t seize to amaze us. In fact the story has taken a very unpredictable direction reminding us why we love this drama. All actors continue to give us impactful performances that keep us on the edge. Sahir has turned out to the villain we didn’t thought he would be. Noori has seen Sahir for who he really is and will now go up against him. The drama is about to get even more interesting and we look forward to seeing how it concludes.

4.Anaa (HUM TV)

Anaa has become a strong contender with its consistent story telling. The complicated love story among the four main leads remains crisp. Izza and Altamash are without doubt the best, however it seems that Izza is not ready to accept that she loves Altamash. It will be interesting to see how she finally admits it. Lets just hope it is not that late for them.

5.Yaariyan (Geo TV)

The drama’s popularity is due to its star cast and their impeccable acting. They allow us to connect to the characters very well as they translate emotions on screen exceptionally well.The drama’s story has loopholes which can be recovered as the drama goes on. Lets hope it does otherwise this drama will loose whatever little charm it has left.

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So there you have it the weekly round up of our five recommended dramas of the week. Did your favorite make it to the list?

Top 5 dramas of the week

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  1. farhan May 14, 2019

    if there was dobol till this week no one of them can beat that. missing dobol