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We are back to Monday, which means it is time for us to give you last week’s round up of all of our favorite dramas ! All week long we have some extremely amazing dramas being aired.While we give you daily drama recommendations we will now be sharing the five must watch dramas of the week.

Teaser of Yaariyan seems grand & highly emotional!

1. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV)

This drama has had the audience hooked, not only is Bhola the heart of the show, other characters also make the serial worth a watch. The dialogues and acting are amazing. The way that the story has unfolded is different and interesting at the same time.


2. Cheekh (ARY Digital)

Cheekh keeps getting interesting with every episode. The inclusion of Shayaan has really got the story intense as the house has formed a divide. Shayaan has seen Wajih for the monster he is, and is willing to go to lengths to support Mannat. What will happen next is something to look forward to, so keep this drama in you watch list for sure!

Cheekh’s Shayaan Yet Another Essential Player in the Plot

3. Do Bol (ARY Digital)

The rather new drama has become one of our favorites. The drama has a beautiful story at its heart yet there are some grey areas in form of the characters, especially Badar. He may come off as the hero that rescues Geeti but he isn’t exactly a saint. This is what makes us like the serial even more. The story is kept close to reality and it really resonates with audiences.

While we are sad to see Kaisa Hai Naseeban go, Do Bol is there to fill the void now as it will be airing twice during the week. So that means 4 episodes in a week! That is certainly great news.

4. Anaa (Hum TV)

Hania Amir starrer Anaa has Hania give a powerful performance that has won the audiences over. The drama’s story is getting interesting and have us thinking how the story will unfold, while Hania’s character isn’t exactly smart or wise, Izza on the other hand acts her age and is intelligent. Her developing chemistry with Altamash is something to look forward to for us!

5. Mera Rab Waris (Geo TV)

The drama has two unique characters in form of Aisha and Haris. Aisha’s character’s qualities make you fall in love with her. She is not only pretty but her views and thought process is also beautiful. She will end up marrying Haris who is the complete opposite of herself. Lets see what happens next!

This is the first time the drama has entered out recommended list as there was a slot vacated by Kaisa Hai Naseeban, it will be interesting to see if the serial maintains its possible in the list!


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