top 5 dramas of the week

All week long we have some amazing dramas telling us different stories and taking us into their fictional world, captivating us with their characters, dialogues and acting. While some make us laugh and some make us cry all in all they provide quality entertainment for us all week long.

Out of all these drama we will be recommending you our top 5 dramas that had our hearts this week.

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1. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Noori and Bhola’s story concluded on a wonderful note and we were left teary eyed. The ending was well crafted and every actor’s performance was on par. The dialogues and narrative was so beautiful. The director took the narrative and executed it in a top-notch manner, serving us with a wonderful and unique drama that will be remembered for years to come.

2. Suno Chanda 2

Suno Chanda 2’s comical characters keep the drama crisp and entertaining. The varying traits of characters keep the episodes fun. Every character has a conundrum of their own that keeps the variety going. We thoroughly enjoy the various conflicts and mischief by some characters like DJ. We look forward to seeing a new episode everyday.

3. Yaariyan

Yaariyan’s talented cast keeps the drama afloat. Special mention to the director as well since the scenes are also shot beautifully. The drama has picked up pace and the love/ hate relationship between the characters has been very well depicted. It allows us to relate with them well.

4. Anaa

Anaa is a unique spin on the familiar lines of family honor, complicated relationships and power politics. The drama’s younger cast is the main focus and presents four protagonist trying to live a fulfilling life but the hurdles in the way hinder them to do so. Not everything they do is backed by logic and some clarity is bond to be given. For example Izza’s refusal of Altamash’s love solely based on her false perception of him is very weak. They share a very good chemistry and we would love this materialize.

5. Kam Zarf

The sibling love and conflicts are the focus of this drama. Nadia Khan is the backbone of the drama as she is reason behind everything that the family is going through. Her authoritativeness and stubbornness has led her to a huge loss. Nadia has essayed the role of Aima very well. The rest of the cast is also performing very well.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Concludes: A Performance to be remembered by Imran Ashraf & others!

Here is the weekly round up:


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