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All week long we have some extremely amazing dramas being aired.While we give you daily drama recommendations we will now be sharing the top five dramas of the week. The recommendation comes as a result EPK ratings devised by our experts!

The top 5 dramas presented are based on previous week’s episode ratings i.e. 25 February 2019- 3 March 2019. Here are the 5 dramas that were high on buzz and became the recommended dramas of the week.

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1.Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Although last week we had Cheekh on top, this week Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has taken the lead and by a good margin. Last week episode saw some developments in the story, Noori’s quick thinking and sharp mind is figuring out the real story behind Bhola’s condition. On the other hand, Noori’s old love interest Sahir is back. Imran Ashraf continues to amaze us with his acting and Noori’s strong mindedness is something to admire!


Last week’s episode did not see any major development in story and throughout the episode we saw Wajih further terrorizing Mannat. On the other hand, Yawar shows his true colors to Ramzan. Even so, Bilal Abbas and Saba Qamar continue to keep us hooked with strong performances. The other cast members are very convincing in their avatars as well. The drama is in development stages lets see what the coming episodes hold for us!

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3.Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Kaisa Hai Naseeban has become a regular in our top 5 list. The drama has a gripping story that is now shaping up to get some change in pace. It will be interesting to see how Mariam takes a stand for herself and gets out of the gruesome conditions she is in! The story is resonating with audiences as the issue of domestic violence and toxic masculinity prevails in our society and needs to be addressed.

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The drama concluded on a good note, the leading couple reunite along with their son. Zara also gets her happy ending as she gets pregnant. Noreen also realizes the error in her ways after losing her son and seeks forgiveness.

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5.Baba Jani

Faisal Qureshi starrer Baba Jani also concluded last week. The drama’s story was certainly something different and heartwarming. The way that Asfand is shown dealing with issues around him is what stands out. It was truly commendable to see how he chooses to stay calm and take decisions wisely, instead of being swayed into false accusations. This is what really put the drama on the top. Baba Jani will definitely be missed! If you haven’t seen it you should definitely watch it!

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Although it seems like Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi will be playing musical chair for the top spot, Kaisa Hai Naseeban will most likely maintain its spot at number three. The fourth and fifth position are up for grabs next week lets see which drama makes it to the top!

As Anaa and Romeo Weds Heer continue to sink in our recommendations list Do Bol and Mera Rab Waris seem like strong contenders!

Which dramas do you think will take this spot?

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