top 5 dramas of the week

All week long we have some amazing dramas telling us different stories and taking us into their fictional world, captivating us with their characters, dialogues and acting. While some make us laugh and some make us cry all in all they provide quality entertainment for us all week long.

Out of all these drama we will be recommending you our top 5 dramas that had our hearts this week.

Suno Chanda 2 Ep 20 : Love, Scheming & More Fights!

1.Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum Tv)

Noori and Bhola’s journey is about to come to an end. The plot twists and excellent performances have had us praising this drama since day one. We have been introduced to a strong female lead who is fighting her battles alone against all odds.

Noori and Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
Noori and Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

While it seemed cruel to have sentenced Noori to a life of misery and which will remain unfulfilled, when she is married off to Bhola, the events that have followed reasoned the marriage and has actually turned the union into a beautiful companionship. The narrative and dialogues of the drama are so deep and full of wisdom. We look forward to see how it ends.

2. Cheekh (ARY Digital)

Saba Qamar’s Cheekh has been a constant in our top 5 owing to its gripping narrative that keeps us engaged. The intensity and emotions that are translated on screen are absolutely priceless. The way that the story has unfolded speaks volumes of the intelligent script writing.

Cast of Cheekh

The drama continues to pique our interest in the plot and with every episode we are served with excellent performances and dialogues. The character traits and their inclusion in the narrative is what makes this drama worthy. This is one of those rare dramas that move away from the damsel in distress track and dare to tell a different story.

3. Suno Chanda 2 (HUM TV)

It is very rare that we get a comedy serial that manages to give decent content, which is family friendly. The drama manages to maintain good balance and disperses the episode well among all the characters of the show. There are a lot of characters in play yet it doesn’t get clustered or chaotic.

Arsal and Jiya in Suno Chanda 2

The character traits and excellent performances make this comedy serial one of a kind.The drama gives exposure to all characters equally and does not solely concentrate on the protagonists. This manages to keep the variety going and keep it crisp.

4. Anaa (HUM TV)

Anaa presents a different story that has been unfolding at a good pace. The protagonists of the drama give compelling performances backed by a good narrative. There isn’t the needless exaggeration and over dramatization. The interplay of power and tactics between families to get the upper hand has been depicted in an intelligent and very balanced manner. All the characters have been given depth.

Izza and Altamash from Anaa

While Daneen and Areesh keep getting drawn back to each other despite being married to different people, Izza and Altamash can’t seem to make it work. They have been given some very interesting situations and their chemistry is being very well translated on screen by Usman and Naimal.

5. Yaariyan (Geo TV)

Yaariyan has been blessed with a talented cast who do not fail to impress us with powerful performances. The drama requires high end emotions that have been delivered by every individual actor commendably.

Sadia and Umair from Yaariyan

Momal and Muneeb’s character have been given depth and they have done justice to their roles. There are layers to Muneeb’s character, at first he comes off as the bad guy, but as the narrative progresses we get to see the positive shades as well. Ayeza’s character needs to undergo development as for now it is very one dimensional.

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All in all the dramas have us engrossed in their characters and their lives. We look forward to seeing what happens next. The dramas tell compelling stories with fantastic performances. The well executed episodes make us want to come back to them every week.

So here is the weekly round up :

Did your favorite make it to the list?


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  1. Ehtesham Zafar May 27, 2019

    How come you missed out on Kamzarf and Inkaar. Ana and Yariyaan may have glamorous stars but very filmi style writing. Where in the world a father or mother does not listen to their daughter's explanation. Star struck reviews and selection.