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There are some dramas ending their run and some new ones starting, however they all have so much to offer. The stories being told are different and they keep the variety going, keeping us hooked to the television. Last week there were a few dramas that stood out the most and we are going to tell you which ones were our top 5. These are our recommended dramas that kept us entertained last week.


Minal Khan and Sheroze Shabzwari starrer Hasad started off very well. The drama revolves around a young couple who are madly on love. However their happiness is affected by someone’s evil eye. Directed by Aabis Raza, Big Bang Entertainment has brought another great entertainer.


Cheekh has been going strong but the previous few episodes have shown very slow progression in the narrative. The initial few episodes very extremely eventful and we had hoped that the drama would remain crisp. However, with Mannat in mental asylum, we look forward to seeing how Wajih will get caught. The story is unique and every character’s acting puts it on top.


Ayeza Khan, Junaid Khan, Muneeb Butt and Momal Sheikh starrer is being loved for their powerful performances. Every actor has done an exceptional job and made their characters relatable.


Anaa is an interesting story of four troubled souls,which has been depicted very well, and the makers have maintained a good pace throughout the episodes.All the actors play their roles effortlessly, the narrative is progressing well and we look forward to seeing more of it every week.

Anaa Ep 19 : Izza & Altamash Keep Anaa Crisp

5.Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris has a stellar cast, excellent script and a great vision by the director Asad Jabal. The drama maintains a good pace, with a simple yet beautiful story. We look forward to seeing it every week, especially Aisha.

Besides these five, Surkh Chandini is off to a good start it has got great reviews, and it has secured a spot in a top 10 recommended dramas. The new wave of drama has introduced a lot of competition among dramas. Dar Khuda Sy has also started off on a good note as well. Ishq Zahe Naseeb had a great first episode as week. The coming week will be interesting and we look forward to see which ones come on top.

First Impression: Imran Abbas Plays The Villian With Conviction in Dar Khuda Sy

Here is the weekly round up:


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