There are some dramas ending their run and some new ones starting, however they all have so much to offer. The stories being told are different and they keep the variety going, keeping us hooked to the television. Last week there were a few dramas that stood out the most and we are going to tell you which ones were our top 5. These are our recommended dramas that kept us entertained last week.

First Impression: Imran Abbas Plays The Villian With Conviction in Dar Khuda Sy

1.Dar Khuda Sy

Imran Abbas and Sana Javed star in drama tackling a social vice that needs to be addressed and educated about. Imran plays a womanizer who harasses Sana at workplace while flirting with the house maid. Both Sana and Imran are giving excellent performance and the characterization is brilliantly done. The drama can turn out to a good one like Ab Dekh Kia Karta Hai, if the issue is handled well.


Exceptional acting and impactful scenes make drama entertaining and worth a watch. The director has ensured that the characters’ emotions are well projected on screen allowing the audience to connect with them. The episodes mostly are good paced as well.


The drama has been doing very well not only in terms of acting but also in terms of its unique concept. The previous few episodes have slowed down the pace of the plot development. The narrative has fallen in terms of quality and we hope it picks up soon. Cheekh is an example of intelligent content that has had us glued to our televisions every Saturday. The exceptional acting of all the actors is what is making Cheekh watchable at the moment.


Anaa has maintained good pace and interesting story line. The characters are unique and the conflicts are engaging.There is a wide range of characters qualities and flaws. The balance between family politics, revenge and relationships has been exhibited well in the drama and we look forward to seeing what is coming next every week.


Though the drama took a great start, this week the other dramas managed to outperform in terms of the content. In fact new arrival Dar Khuda Sy has made it to the list this week pushing Hasad down. The drama put Minal Khan’s character Naintara in the centre of a vicious envious society which shows no mercy and neither is afraid of labeling others without hesitation. Minal and Shehroze’s on screen chemistry is also very sweet.

Besides these five, special mention to Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Surkh Chandni which have not made it to top five but certainly have great content that is worth watching every week. Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s story is such that pull us in and has great depth to it. The characters are very interesting and the opposing themes of two stories going parallel at the moment is enjoyable.

First Impression: Ishq Zahe Naseeb Leaves us Intrigued

Surkh Chandini on the other hand is based on a heart wrenching reality of our society that needs to be condemned. These two are not in top five yet but certainly on our recommended dramas for you. Be sure to check them out!

So here is the weekly round up:


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