The dramas airing throughout the week have so much to offer.The stories being told are different and they keep the variety going, keeping us hooked to the television. Last week there were a few dramas that stood out the most and we are going to tell you which ones were our top 5. These are our recommended dramas that kept us entertained last week.

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The star studded drama has been impressing the audience with the powerful performances. The drama is kept eventful and the height of emotions is translated aptly on screen. The drama has become a fan favorite over course of 13 episode. Yarriyan stars Ayeza Khan, Momal Sheikh, Muneeb Butt and Junaid Khan.


Saba Qamar has had our hearts since the start of this drama, her performance as Mannat in Cheekh is amazing. The previous few episode have been slow in terms of plot development, however the actors have maintained a consistency in terms of their performance, which makes Cheekh stand out.

3. Anaa

Anaa has been able to maintain a great pace and keep the drama interesting. The drama’s complicated love stories are heartbreaking yet the major hook for the audience. Anaa tells its story without over-dramatizing the scenes and keeping them natural. We look forward to seeing the next episode every week.

4.Dar Khuda Sy

The drama took off on a high note and we believe it has the potential to maintain that. The issues of workplace harassment and flirtatious men who make lives of innocent women miserable has been served to us in a straightforward way. So far Anjum Shahzad has managed to keep the episodes interesting and well paced. Both the protagonist have adopted their role well and we love the powerful characterization of Sana Javed’s character.

5.Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris is a very sweet story, and for a change we have one which puts a religious girl in the forefront. The characterization of Aisha and her depiction by Madiha Imam is just perfect. The dialogues and narrative has been written very well along with well throughout execution by the director.We look forward to every new episode.

One drama that has not achieved that much popularity but is worthy of mention is Surkh Chandini. The drama not only stands out in terms of its content but also the acting by the protagonist Sohai Ali Abro who plays an acid attack survivor. It is a heart wrenching subject and probably one that cannot be digested by everyone,even so we would recommend you to watch it.

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Ishq Zahe Naseeb is also doing well and is part of our top ten Hopefully it will enter our top 5 list as well. Until then check out this week round up:

Did you favorite drama make it to the list?

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