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We are back to Monday, which means it is time for us to give you last week’s round up of all of our favorite dramas ! All week long we have some extremely amazing dramas being aired.While we give you daily drama recommendations we will now be sharing the five must watch dramas of the week.

5.Mera Rab Waris (Geo TV)

Haris and Aisha are about to unite despite his mother and sisters’ reluctance. Their rejection is a typical portrayal of elitist attitude who are solely rejecting her based on the fact that she isn’t modern. We can see where this is going and it will be interesting to see how the story unravels.

4.Anaa (Hum TV)

The emerging love between Altamash and Izza is becoming something more attractive than the main lead Daneen and Areesh. Their off and on banter and adorable moments are worth watching. They both are more mature characters than Daneen who is rather childish. We look forward to see where their story leads.

Izza and Altamash in Anaa

3. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (HUM TV)

While this drama has been ruling our top 5 for quite some time, it has slipped down to number 3. This is not because there has been a decline in quality content but in fact because some other dramas have outdone themselves this time around!

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

The situation is getting tense with Nusrat on Noori’s case and Bhola under constant threat. The story of the drama keeps the audience engaged as they look forward to the next episode. This drama is by far very different and not at all your typical drama that can be tossed away .

2.Cheekh (ARY Digital)

Cheekh’s story keeps getting interesting and intense with every episode. While Shayan’s support is a breather for Mannat things are not getting any easier for her. Wajih is resorting to shallow tactics to scare them off. Yawar’s secrets are also unveiling and he is coming off as a classic example of toxic masculinity and false ego.

Drama Recommendation: Cheekh & Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Continue To Intensify

Shayan and Wajih in Cheekh

We are excited to see the legal battle begin and also find out who will be Mannat’s lawyer as they haven’t revealed that yet. The drama is carrying the story forward very tactfully and the scenes are well executed. Without doubt Cheekh offers quality content and entertainment. It is something new and fresh and we are all for it!

1.Do Bol (ARY Digital)

We always knew that this drama had potential, and there you have it folks! The drama has come on our top spot this week’s list. The love story is both bitter sweet. The pace and way the drama is developing is beautiful. The drama makes use simple things to support’s it story instead of overly dramatized scenarios.

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Do Bol

The changing dynamic of Badar and Gaiti’s relationship is heartening and makes you want to wish that things work out between the two! So lets see what the story has to offer in the upcoming episodes.

So here is the round up of this week’s top 5:


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