top 5 dramas of the week

All week long we have some amazing dramas telling us different stories and taking us into their fictional world, captivating us with their characters, dialogues and acting. While some make us laugh and some make us cry all in all they provide quality entertainment for us all week long.

Ep 20,21:Love, Loss & Regret Current Theme of Do Bol

Out of all these drama we will be recommending you our top 5 dramas that had our hearts this week.

1.Do Bol (ARY Digital)

Do Bol is such a soft love story that is building up slowly. After last week’s episode Gaiti and Badar reunion is heartening. The drama is moving toward its conclusion. Gaiti’s father has accepted the error in his ways, Badar is back in his good books, Gaiti is also back. What is left is for her to fall in love with Badar, and for the two to have a happy ending. Sameer is the unfortunate victim in the drama and we do hope that he gets his happy ending as well.

2.Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV)

The drama has taken a cruel turn as Noori has switched sides. Her misery has over taken her morals. She has teamed up with Sahir and Nusrat. Her betrayal is heartbreaking and has put Bhola in even more danger. She is feeling guilt but it seems that her heart has hardened. All she wants is to get rid of this relationship.To some extent she has accomplished it, what is left to see is whether Sahir will betray her again? It is very likely that he will.

3.Cheekh (ARY Digital)

Never a dull moment in this one! Cheekh has come out as a drama that cannot be missed. It allows it characters to shine and show the audience why they are really there in the show. Most of the characters are developing, or unveiling some side of them that wasn’t shown before. The pace at which the story is going is good, however we do wish to get the case going and see how things go in the court room.

Drama Recommendation: Cheekh & Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Can’t Be Missed!

4.Yaariyan (Geo TV)

Ayeza Khan and Muneeb Butt starrer Yarriyan has become a fan favorite with just two episodes in. The drama follows a familiar theme of love, loss and heartbreak. The story is in progression and we are hoping for some mind blowing twists and turns to make it worth our while!

5. Anaa(Hum TV)

Anaa has become a constant in our top 5 and its entry has been a surprise. The story is interesting and Izza Altamash’s duo is what makes the drama worth the watch. The two are still not together and Izza’s continuous denial is rather heartbreaking. Daneen and Areesh continue to struggle to make peace with their life, however end up getting pulled back to each other for comfort. What the drama has in store for these characters is something to look forward to.

So here is the week’s round up!


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