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There are some dramas ending their run and some new ones starting, however they all have so much to offer. The stories being told are different and they keep the variety going, keeping us hooked to the television. Last week there were a few dramas that stood out the most and we are going to tell you which ones were our top 5. These are our recommended dramas that kept us entertained last week.


Cheekh came back after a two week long hiatus. The drama had left us on a cliff hanger, and we were getting restless to find out what happens next. The episode had a lot of court action and unfortunately the conniving lawyer of Wajih manages to trap Mannat’s mother into declaring her mentally unstable.The battle has been lost and what intrigues us now is what will happen next. Cheekh was certainly missed and we were very satisfied with this episode.

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Yaariyan is becoming a fan favorite due to its stellar cast and excellent performances. The drama has an intense emotional arc and all the actors have been doing justice to their role. While initial few episode gave Momal exposure to lay basis for Sadia’s character along with Muneeb, the latest episode was all about building up the villainous avatar of Ayeza’ character. All the actors are so convincing and allow the audience to connect with them fully. This is what makes Yaariyan so likable.

3.Kam Zarf

Nadia Khan starrer concluded last week and what an impactful episode it was. The ending was well deserved and Nadia Khan shined as Aima. The ending scene gave us goosebumps and the way her character was wrecked gave us the chills.


The story keeps getting complex, wrapping its audience in the drama of all characters. By now we are very much invested in the drama and its narrative . Every episode brings a new twist and we look forward to seeing what happens next.

5. Deewar e Shab

This drama is Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’s replacement and it is a period play. Set around a family of courtesans. The drama stars Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas, Sarah Khan, Shahzad Sheikh.Also Zara Noor Abbas and Moshin Abbas Haider in cameo roles.The drama has a strong narrative and excellent performances and we look forward to seeing what the drama has to offer.

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So here is the weekly round up of the top 5 dramas. Did your favorite make it to the list?

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