Last week there were a few dramas that stood out the most and we are going to tell you which ones were our top 5. These are our recommended dramas that kept us entertained last week and we look forward to another exciting episode this week.

Cheekh Ep 27: Saba Qamar the Backbone of Cheekh


Cheekh has bounced back by giving the audience a huge shock. The death of Shayan has helped Mannat regain her strength and she has taken matters in her own hand. The intensity of the drama is back and the final showdown has begun. Cheekh has been applauded for its unique narrative and is surely a story not told before. Which is why it is one of our favorites.All the actors have performed very well and the vision behind the drama is clear as well as well executed.


Yaariyan keeps getting dramatic and complex with every passing episode. All the actors have done their job exceptionally well and we can easily relate to their characters.

3. Anaa

Anaa is not you run of the mill drama that touches the same themes of saas bahi conflict. Instead Anaa is purely based on family conflict and egotistical mindset that have led to wrecking lives of the protagonists. Their love stories are not meeting their end and the narrative remains interesting. The chemistry between the characters is sweet and we look forward to seeing them.

4.Dar Khuda Sy

This drama is relatively new and it tackles with various social issues. The core issue of the drama is workplace harassment however up until now the drama has touched the topic on surface and instead other issues are more in limelight at the moment.

5.Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris is a sweet story, which has been consistent in terms of pacing and developments in the narrative keep the drama crisp. All the actors are doing well and the drama is very well executed.

Mahira Khan’s Noori Gave Us Major Madhuri Dixit Vibes & We Are Loving It!

Here is the round up of this week’s drama:


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