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28 February Thursday 2019 dramas:

This Thursday, the excellently performed Baba Jani aired its last episode and had us in tears, whereas Aangan continues going strong with its cast of vibrant characters. While we enjoyed Baba Jani while it lasted, we can’t wait to see what comes next in its place. Meanwhile, let’s see what the last episode ended like and how Aangan fared over the week as well!

Aangan (Hum Tv) MD Productions

With the death of Tehmina, everyone seems to be on the edge in both houses. One of the first to break is Mazhar who hits an Englishman in a fit of rage. This seemed to be long time coming since Mazhar had for a very long time held this grudge and the pressure of his daughter’s suicide also hovered upon him.

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With Mazhar gone, his wife and Alia are left stranded with no stability, and Farida’s brother whom she idolized so much also refuses to help them. And so the only choice they have left is to move into Azhar’s house. The two households converging was a good way for the story to integrate the lives of these characters, and Alia and Chammi begin to find companionship within each other. As always, Sajal Aly and Mawra Hocane give their best performances yet and look right in place.

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The episode was more to just lay the groundwork for future relationships developing, and nothing more. Perhaps that is why it did not seem as fast-paced as the other episodes. Hopefully, from the next episode, Aangan will speed up its pace since the audience are well-acquainted with the characters now and expect some progression.

Baba Jani (Geo Tv) Connect Studios

The last episode of this drama was satisfying, to say the least! Without Mehwish knowing, Asfand goes to deal with her ex husband Haroon on his own and after threatening, pays him off to stay away from his family. Mehwish however, doesn’t know this and decides to sell her jewelry to pay him back. But while Naila and her husband are visiting them, Naila’s husband steals the jewelry and runs away. Of course this causes a huge outburst between the two and as Asfand is trying to solve it, Mehwish loses her temper when she thinks Nimra had told Asfand about everything. She leaves with her baby without realizing that Asfand knew everything beforehand.

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While this is going on, Najiba begins to have realizations about the way she had been acting. Her daughter and husband help her realize her behavior had been wrong. So Najiba helps solve the dispute between Naila and Asfand and they all realize Naila’s husband had already done many wrongs. Nimra then visits Mehwish and tells her the truth and they return home to Asfand and return to being a happy family again.

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Overall, I thought this was a good way to conclude the drama and giving Nabila and Naila a better ending was also commendable since most dramas just treat the antagonists badly in the end. Such improvement in character is way better than just killing off the villains. Mehwish’s character was kind of disappointing when compared to Asfand and Nimra, but the latter two were our favorites throughout the drama.

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It is sad to see Baba Jani leave the air, but the way it was ended couldn’t have been better. So for that impactful ending, our winner of this day is Baba Jani! There were certain points where it got tedious, but we loved it overall! We definitely hope to see more family-friendly dramas like this where love interests aren’t the only focus. We can’t wait to see which drama will fill the shoes of Baba Jani from next week!

Let me know what did you guys think of these dramas?

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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  1. Sheny. March 1, 2019

    Outstanding drama #babajani mind blowing Performance by #FaysalQureshi and #MadihaImam I'll definetly going to miss #Asfandbabajani ❤

  2. Yasmeen Mirza March 2, 2019

    Yes I totally agree that Baba Jani was the best of all and the ending was good with remarkable performance by Faisal Qureshi and Madiha Imam . Faisal Qureshi plays so well no matter what character is given to him. I would rate 5 stars because of the story, and performance by all. The story upto some extent (how Faisal Qureshi is being exploited by his sisters) has similarity of someone very close in my life. No words for BJ play, sometime there are some plays that depicts the true story of someone's life. Well done and congratulations to all.