7th January Thursday 2019 dramas

We’re back on Thursday and the three dramas have really increased their quality level this time! Aangan, Koi Chand Rakh and Baba Jani have become the staple dramas for our entire weeks and we eagerly await for them every time. Koi Chand Rakh and Baba Jani had some new plot twists included within their stories that really shocked us whereas Aangan expanded more on its characters and events.

Aangan (Hum Tv) MD Productions

Safdar’s disaffection at Mazhar’s home finally becomes too much for him to handle and so he decides it is time for him to leave. He parts tearfully with Tehmina, and instructs her to stand up for herself. The entire situation around Mazhar’s home showed a part of our society that has been going on for generations; women have their freedom restricted and are unable to do anything. On the other side, Chammi and Jamil continue their lighthearted banter but it is gradually becoming obvious that this relationship is only one sided and Jamil is being non-committal while Chammi has put her entire heart in this. We’re so glad Aangan has cleared out the confusion of characters by now because we’re really beginning to get into the story and becoming attached to the characters. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are by far the best in this drama as they play off each other fantastically.

Koi Chand Rakh (ARY) IDream Productions

In what is bound to be the second last episode of this drama, Nishaal tries to kill herself as she is under her usual mental state. But it backfires when she survives but her baby sadly dies. In classic Nishaal way, she blames it on Rabail but the tides have turned against Nishaal and in favor of Rabail; Zayn no longer takes Nishaal’s side and is even starting to apologize to Rabail. Things seem to be going pretty well for those who deserve it but we have a hunch the last episode is going to have all hell break loose. Until now we are hooked onto this drama and are going to be so sad to see it go!

Baba Jani (Geo Tv) Connect Studios

Unable to see peace in their brother’s house, Asfand’s evil sisters begin to sow more seeds of dissent within Mehwish and Nimra even though they had started getting along after so long. Najiba’s son Umair confesses to Nimra that he loves her and wants to marry her, which is a bit too late seeing as how he himself had their wedding cancelled. Najiba tries to cover this fact up by making sure no one talks about it. The episode ended when a mysterious caller contacts Mehwish and Mehwish immediately becomes scared. The end was pretty mysterious and this can only bring more trouble to the already-disturbed household.


Koi Chand Rakh wins this round. As it nears its end, the writers of Koi Chand Rakh really seem to amp up the quality of the drama. Aangan follows close behind with beautiful visuals and a narrative which has us travelling back in time.

What were your thoughts on these dramas? 

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