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Public Review Of Thugs.

9th Nov (Friday) 11.12pm; Our video team exclusively bring public reaction of film Thugs of Hindostan from Cinepax Cinema Packages Mall, Lahore.


Pakistani Critic On Thugs of Hindostan.

9th Nov (Friday) 09.41pm; Pakistani film critic Omair Alavi writes 5 reasons to watch Thugs of Hindostan. Take a look at it by clicking here

Thugs Of Hindostan Review: 5 Reasons To Watch The Movie | Omair Alavi


Thugs Of Hindostan Day One Business Pakistan.

9th Nov (Friday) 06.42pm; Thugs Of Hindostan is off to an impressive start in Pakistan, as film has has raked in strong number on day one. Despite releasing on a working Thursday, which is the slowest day of the week at boxoffice, the film has raked in big number.

Film has raked in 1.70crs approx on day one which is biggest day one ever for any Diwali release in Pakistan.
Thursday numbers are also more than any film’s day one which released on Thursday. Film has seen best numbers in Lahore and Karachi and numbers will shoot up a lot today, in fact today will be the real day when Thugs will show it’s thunder at the boxoffice. Below are day one detailed analysis with update on Day two also.


9th Nov (Friday) 06.57pm; For Comparison. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Released On Thursday and had similar release scenario. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo had collected 85lacs approx on Thursday and Thugs has beaten that number by around 100% lead.

9th Nov (Friday) 07.10pm; Golmaal Again released last year on Diwali. Film had released on Friday and had registered 1.31cr approx on Day One. Thugs Of Hindostan has beaten that number by good lead despite coming on Thursday which is the weakest day of the release.


Day One BO Update.

9th Nov (Friday) 06.19pm; With numbers coming in from most places, Thugs Of Hindostan has done very strong business on Thursday in Pakistan. Biggest Thursday of All Time, wait for the next update for details.


Massive Crowds at Cinemas

8th Nov (Thursday) 10.41pm; Crowds outside Shaheen IMGC Multipllex Sargodha in Night/Late Night Show. Craze Of Thugs Increasing

Crowds outside Shaheen IMGC Multipllex Sargodha
Crowds outside Shaheen IMGC Multipllex Sargodha
Crowds outside Shaheen IMGC Multipllex Sargodh


Pakistani Reaction Of Thugs of Hindostan Full Movie From Cinema
8th Nov (Thursday) 09.00pm; Our very own host Iqra Kanwal visits Cinemas in Lahore today and gives us her live reaction of Thugs Of Hindostan from Cinema. Take a lot

Indian Trade Expert Girish Johar’s Thugs BO Prediction In Pakistan.

8th Nov (Thursday) 07.11pm; Thugs of Hindostan has taken a solid start in Pakistan and it is looking to clock quite a good first day total. Epk exclusively asked Indian Trade expert and Distributor Girish Johar about the opening of Thugs Of Hindostan in Pakistan. He said, “Looking at the all the winning factors such as the mammoth scale of this film, the mega star cast i.e. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan, the hype and euphoria created around this film, I can say the film is gonna bag a huge start at the boxoffice. I feel the film will make around 2crs on it’s first day where as lifetime would depend upon word of mouth and reviews that film will generate.”

Well if this film does collect 2cr on day one then it is definitely a big start, considering it’s Thursday and Thursday is the weakest day of the week at the ticket windows.


Thugs Heading Towards Good Day One.

8th Nov (Thursday) 05.57pm; Thugs Of Hindostan is off to a decent start on it’s first day. Thursday is the weakest day of the week and yet occupancies are quite. Few multiplexes are running close to full in the evenings but multiplexes have allocated massive number of shows hence average occupancies are meant to come low. Going at current pace film will definitely score one of the biggest Thursdays of all time but 2cr will be the target today.


Show occupancies of, Thugs of Hindostan.

8th Nov (Thursday) 1.48; Cinemas are now showing Thugs of Hindostan! The word is out and it’s catching fire! The response has been so great that cinemas are throbbing with activity! Shows have received good occupancies. Reports are in, and if these occupancies pick up a rapid pace by evening, then this will become Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif and Amitab Bachchan’s blockbuster with the highest opening day record in Pakistan.


Thugs of Hindostan’s number of shows in Pakistan, today.

8th Nov (Thursday) 12.23pm; The wait is finally over and Pakistan is most excited! Thugs of Hindostan is screening in Pakistan today and it’s show time!

Cinemas all over Pakistan are allotting a generous number of shows to the Aamir Khan starrer. The star studded movie has managed to attain a huge number of 400 shows all over Pakistan and that too on a Thursday.By looking at the film’s number of shows and people’s growing excitement, it is safe to say that the film is going have a splendid opening day record!


Question Asked. Highest Grossing Film Of Aamir Khan in Pakistan?

7th Nov (Wednesday) 09.49pm; With Thugs of Hindostan just few hours away from it’s release, let’s take a look at which film is highest grossing Aamir Khan film in Pakistan. Five years old Dhoom 3 is the highest grossing Aamir Khan film in Pakistan. Released back in 2013, Dhoom 3 had collected 25cr approx at boxoffice and was first Hindi film to go over 20cr mark and had set new lifetime benchmark in Pakistan. Interestingly, Thugs is also made by same team which made Dhoom 3, so it will be exciting to see if Thugs can match those benchmarks. But going by current buzz we are sure that opening of Dhoom 3 will be shattered by good margins.

You can also send us the questions via comments or Twitter and our team will be answering them here in this live feed.


Return Of Amir Khan After 4 Years.

7th Nov (Wednesday) 07.45pm; Thugs Of Hindostan marks the comeback of Aamir Khan as the lead star on silver screens in Pakistan after 4 years. His last film that saw release in Pakistan, was PK. And even though Secret Superstar did release in Pakistan, however it did not have Amir Khan as the lead. Dhoom 3 after 8 years of it’s release still stands tall as the highest grossing film for Amir Khan in Pakistan with a record of over 2cr on it’s opening day. But it is now just matter of few hours before we see a new boxoffice champion.

You can also send us the questions via comments or Twitter and our team will be answering them here in this live feed.


Craze Of Thugs Increasing In Mass Circuits.

7th Nov (Wednesday) 06.55pm; Aamir Khan is one biggest crowd pullers in Pakistan and his biggest adventure hits screens tomorrow. As per latest reports film’s boxoffice inquiry and advances are picking up immensely in mass circuits. It looks like Aamir hysteria will be visible tomorrow despite being a non Holiday. Such responses in mass circuits are seen only during Eids or on very rare occassions and Thugs is creating this hysteria despite non Holiday Thursday.


Thugs Day One Box Office Predictions.

7th Nov (Wednesday) 06.13pm; Thugs Of Hindostan without a doubt is a mega film and film is going to draw huge numbers over the Extended Weekend. Film is hitting cinemas tomorrow in Pakistani i.e. Thursday and Thursday is the weakest day of the week at boxoffice and it’s working day in Pakistan tomorrow. But despite that, going by the advance and buzz, film will beat opening numbers of Dhoom 3 in Pakistan which had seen Christmas period release. Dhoom 3 had collected little over 2.1cr approx on day one and Thugs should beat that number comfortably to become biggest Aamir Khan opener in Pakistan.

Thug Advance getting bigger for the Weekend.

7th Nov (Wednesday) 05.32pm; Excitement increases as the release of Thugs of Hindostan, draws closer. It’s only few hours left now and people are racing to book their tickets! As we conveyed earlier, TOH is rapidly being booked in all Cinemas but Saturday is the day with most advance sales right now. Going at current pace, it seems Saturday is going to jam-packed as the highest number of tickets have been prebooked for Saturday.


Thugs Likely To Break All Time Day One Record In Pakistan

7th Nov (Wednesday) 11.52am; We are only a day away from the release of Thugs of Hindostan. Apart from sharing the latest updates of the film, today we will also be sharing the records that Thugs will be chasing and expert’s opinion on how the film is expected to perform over the extended weekend. We will also be talking about how many advance booking this film manages to get in various cinemas across Pakistan.

We will first be discussing it’s opening day record. Right now the highest opening day record stands with Sultan at little over 3.4cr approx. Sultan had a solo Eid release which became a massive push for the film, as Eid is one of the best times to release a film. However, there were lesser screens back then than today. So, this gives a huge advantage to Thugs over Sultan to score a better opening day record despite the fact that it is not releasing on a Holiday like Sultan did. In addition, Thugs is releasing on a Thursday. Had it been a Friday release, the film might have had better chances of breaking previous records. Nevertheless, Thugs is still likely to make a record on day one.


Thugs Cleared By Sindh Censors in Pakistan.

6th Nov (Tuesday) 08.19pm; Thugs of Hindostan got cleared by Sindh Censor Board in Pakistan today without any cut. With this censor, now film has cleared all censor boards without any cut. Film was cleared by Punjab Censor Board on Saturday whereas Central Censor Board had cleared it on Monday. Film’s run time is 2 hours and 45 minutes and it is set to hit cinemas day after tomorrow i.e. 8th November.


Advance Status Of Thugs In Pakistan.

6th Nov (Tuesday) 06.51pm;Thugs of Hindostan is just a few days away from it’s much anticipated release. Cinemas nationwide have started it’s advance booking. Prebooking started at quite a good pace and looking at the number of shows allocated to this film, it seems, that if film gets good occupancies then we are certainly going to see a record shattering opening day with a good lead. The film is increasingly being booked and so far it has been booked heavily in the advance counters of Universal Cinemas, Cinepax Cinemas and Nueplex Cinemas. There is still time left in the release of this film however by looking at all the numbers, it is evident that the film is likely to open with a bang on Thursday, nationwide.


Thugs creates another record before it’s release.

6th Nov (Tuesday) 3.43pm;With every passing minute, the buzz and hype around TOH is intensifying! Cinemas are increasingly allocating slots to TOH and this film is getting a massive number of shows! Cinepax Cinemas is the biggest cinema chain of Pakistan with cinemas in nine cities across Pakistan. Chain has opened its show timings in all its cinemas and it has given staggering 530+ shows to the film over the four day long Weekend. If Friday gets National Holiday then this film will probably be hitting 550 shows at this chain alone. Looking at the number of shows, this film has definitely got potential to break previous boxoffice records of Sultan and Sanju by good margins.


Media Partner of Thugs of Hindostan, in Pakistan.

6th Nov (Tuesday) 2.21pm; This just in, Geo has become media partners with Thugs of Hindostan. Geo has previously been media partners with Donkey King and Teefa in trouble. Both our films fared very well and became huge blockbusters! Let’s see how TOH does!


Thugs Gets Record Number Of Shows In Pakistan.

5th Nov (Monday) 09.41pm; Cinemas are announcing their showtimes for the coming long weekend and the number of shows for TOH are unbelievably high. This is the first film to have been allocated these many number of shows in Pakistan, despite the fact that the film is 2 hr and 45 mint long.

Universal Cinemas Lahore is the highest grossing cinema in Pakistan right now and it has allocated TOH, a massive number of 40 shows on Friday, which is insane! Previously Sanju had 25 shows on it’s first Friday at Universal and Sanju holds the record of second biggest opening day of all time behind Sultan. Sultan created all time record without Universal Cinemas as cinemas were opened in Nov 2016.


Thugs Cleared By CBFC in Pakistan.

5th Nov (Monday) 09.22pm ; Thugs of Hindostan has been cleared for release by CBFC in Islamabad. Film has been cleared uncut with the run time of 2hr 45 mint. Film will be releasing in cinemas across Pakistan on 8th November.


Screen Count Of Thugs in Pakistan.

5th Nov (Monday) 06.46pm; Thugs of Hindostan is all set to awestruck Pakistan this Thursday. The film is being released in 120 screens across Pakistan which is a very huge number. The film will be chasing records of Sultan and Sanju over it’s 4 day Weekend.


Thugs Carrying Excellent Reports.

5th Nov (Monday) 06.11pm; Thugs of Hindostan has been cleared by the Punjab censor board this Saturday. As per insider’s reports, “Amir Khan has breathe life into his character and pulled off a very convincing act! His fitting expressions and outstanding performance has made the movie, a remarkable piece of art. The film has also set a new bench mark in cinematography. The visuals of the film are extremely alluring and to top it off, the entertaining story line of this movie will keep the audience hooked.” Film is set to hit cinemas across Pakistan on 8th November under the banner of IMGC.


Run time of Thugs in Pakistan.

5th Nov (Monday) 4.28pm; Biggest film of the year has been cleared by Punjab Censor Board in Pakistan without any cuts and Central Censor is happening today in the capital city i.e. Islamabad. Film’s run time from Punjab Censor is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Film is set to release nationwide on Thursday, 8th November. Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are going to share the silver screen for the first time in the history.


EPK Review Of Thugs Trailer.

5th Nov (Monday) 3.44 pm; The official trailer of Thugs of Hindostan was released this Sept and has received over 80 million views since then. The trailer manages to entice our wildest imagination with it’s eye catching cinematography.  Amir Khan has given his best performance yet, and Amitabh Bachchan never fails to amaze us either. The film dates back to British Raj and is sure to tell us a bewitching story! Find below our review of Thugs of Hindostan to find out what you can expect from this film!


Thugs Cleared By PBFC in Pakistan.

5th Nov (Monday) 2:13 pm; The much awaited filmThugs of Hindostan, has cleared the censor board this Saturday in Lahore. The film has cleared without any cut and is all set to entertain us on this 8th! This is the most expensive film of India with a star studded cast of Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan himself. The film is due for a review in Sindh Karachi’s censor board tomorrow while it is being reviewed today in Islamabad.

Film is going to be distributed by IMGC in cinemas across Pakistan. Previously, IMGC released Sanju this year which managed to create phenomenal records at the box office. We are anticipating Thugs of Hindostan to wreck a havoc at the box office just like Sanju.



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