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Thugs of Hindostan has been an immensely awaited film. The film’s posters looked impeccable. The aesthetically pleasing poster provoked our imagination. It looked like the film will be competing with Hollywood. The teasers were visually alluring and the artsy poster had us anticipating Aamir Khan as our very own desi pirate, who may and may not do better than Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. And wasn’t the thought, worthwhile?

Let’s be honest, imagining Aamir Khan in a role similar to Jack Sparrow was exhilarating. A desi pirate was here to win our hearts. Not that we did not know that critics will be shaming the imitation but had the script of the movie been powerful enough, the movie would have hushed all critics.

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The film stars a talented lot of seasoned actors which again heightened our enthusiasm. Then we got to see Katrina Kaif in the posters of Manzoor-e Khuda. Katrina Kaif, being the epitome of beauty herself, captivated and bewitched us with her charm. And one could smell the anticipated aroma of masala and romance in the air.

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I believe Thugs of Hindostan has disappointed us for a lot of reasons. Primarily because, this film was an “Aamir Khan” starer. Now this exceptional man, has big shoes to fill for anyone, then be it for himself too. He is considered a foolproof recipe for success in any movie. With his utmost dedication and utter hard work, this man has set bench marks in quality of cinema. Not only because he acts very well, but also because he delves into every little detail of his movies. Simply put, he is a perfectionist. With remarkable movies such as Daangal, Gahjni, Taraay zameen per and PK in his baggage, the actor has never failed to pick a project that falls short of impressive.

Therefore, Thugs of Hindostan, had colossal expectations upon its shoulders. It had Aamir Khan’s own legacy to live up to. And while Amair Khan has been known for picking up intelligent scripts, Thugs of Hindostan, has made us wonder what made him choose a weak script?

Thugs of Hindostan dates back to the British Raaj and tells us a tale presumed in the times of colonization. It is an action and adventure based story, in which Hindostan is ruled by Lord Clive and Aamir Khan plays a Hindostani dacoit namely Firangi Malla. He is a looter who makes a living through his mischievous tactful ways of either siding with the “gooras” or the locals whatever benefits him at the need of the hour.

Deceit is, as he says, embedded in his nature. He values his life over everything and everyone else as in an amusing moment he remarks, “I wouldn’t give my life up, even for my own father.” If one does not appreciate Amir Khan’s acting in this movie, then one is simply being unjust. Amir Khan’s acting was the saving grace of this film. The man glued us to the screen for as long as possible. He is a comical character who has managed to give us some laughs. The first half of the movie manages to captivate us as both Firangi and Khudabaksh are introduced. Their introductory scenes are lavish.

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Khudabakhsh Azad, was played by another highly anticipated actor, Amitab Bachchan. The cast simply outshines the movie. Amitab Bachchan plays a freedom fighter who is leading a group of rebels. He is the guardian of the king’s daughter Zafira played by Fatima Sana Sheikh. The movie opens with a promising start. Lord Clive has capture the prince and brings him as hostage to the palace. He reads the prince’s poetry to the king, which is a piece that talks about rebellion against the British.

The king is alarmed, as he senses trouble upon hearing his son’s poetry from Lord Clive. However, it is far too late, as lord Clive has already made all the preparations for killing off the royals. He kills the king, queen and the prince of Hindostan whereas Zafira, the daughter of the king, is rescued by Khudabaksh. The opening manages to touch our emotions as Zafira cries out in pain on the death of her family. She grows up seeking vengeance under the guidance of her guardian.

Khudabaksh and Zafria go into hiding where they build a community of rebels. They loot and plunder British ships. Khudabaksh is a keen believer of freedom. He preaches brotherhood among Hindustanis. He tells his people to be courageous and hopeful of better days. His ideology has substance.

Perhaps what made the movie look convincing, were all the little well thought out details. The background music was fitting and appropriate especially behind Azad and Zafira. It set the mood right. The details in the visuals gave us an exceptional experience. The film was visually a piece of art. This film is one of Indian’s finest movies in terms of cinematography. All the actors performed very well. Words cannot do justice to Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan’s acting abilities. Katrina Kaif is a natural too whereas the new comer Fatima Sana has also performed well. The costumes they wore, were very apt.

However, as the film progressed, the flaws in the script became all too obvious. Firangi had this absurd tendency of switching from one party to another, which was fine for the first two times, but it became repetitive and all too predictable later. The film seemed dragged and we found ourselves waiting for the film to end as we already knew what was going to happen anyway. How the story unfolds in the second half of the film was nonsensical. At this point, it seemed the writer was running out of dialogues as the dialogues we later encountered were trying too hard to get laughs.

Now this was not a typical Indian film. The story line was quite different. In addition, the film only had a pint of romance added whereas the movie had the potential of a cupful of dosage. With two elegant ladies in its main lead, perhaps we expected more. Katrina Kaif had a very brief role and every time she came on the screen, the screen would lit up. The film remains praiseworthy for being different and for normalizing a visually appealing adventure based fantasy, as this would incite other producers to also venture into such projects. Any such project with a well written script would do wonderfully.

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  1. Khan November 10, 2018

    The writer praises each and every bit of the film yet gives just 2.5 stars in the end...that's really incoherent.and more than half of the review is wasted on amir Khan's praises as if people already don't know him.its good that the positives of the film are mentioned but one needs to come up with reasons to give a move just 2.5stars for that its engatuves have to be pointed out which obviously the website supporting the film doesn't want.hence a very bad review.

    1. Maleeha Shaukat November 12, 2018

      Hi there, the writer talked about bad scripting too, the writer talked about how the film would have been a hit if it wasn't for the script. And yes the script plays a core role which can account for a 2.5. The script is the entire essence of the film and the writer didn't feel there was any other lacking. And lastly, the article mentions that the views supported by the article are solely the writer's own and not of the website.