Written by: Adeel Razzaq

Directed by: Ahmed Bhatti

Produced by: Abdullah Seja

As one of the most popular dramas that has been airing in recent weeks, Thora Sa Haq’s newest episode added in more excitement and drama for us, proving to everyone why it is so loved these days! Rabia (Saba Faisal) arranges Seher’s  (Ayeza Khan) marriage to a much older guy in order to get rid of her from her life, but Zamin (Imran Abbas) and his father Waqar (Behroz Sabzwari) try their level best to prevent this marriage from happening. Hareem (Mashal Khan) also takes Seher’s side but everyone’s attempts fail to convince Rabia.

However, in a surprising move, Seher stands up for herself against Rabia and makes sure that this marriage could never happen. The episode ends as Rafay (Shan Baig) goes into Seher’s room to once again threaten her but Zamin comes in to stop him.

This episode once again showed that the writer  of the drama knows how to keep things fresh and always moving! The rapid chain of events ensure not a single moment of any episode is dull and as a whole, Thora Sa Haq is a great drama entertainment-wise. All the characters face a certain dilemma that keeps things interesting, since none of them are good people; they all have done bad things that they are trying to cover up. This results in at least the main characters being prevented from being flat and boring.

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While certain times the events seem clichéd, the actors more than make up for it with their star power and talent! Ayeza Khan is the star of the show definitely. The actress seems to be on a roll these days with a wide variety of characters ranging from despicable villains to sympathetic heroines, showing that she is indeed a chameleon of an actress!

We love her as  Seher a lot as she makes her sympathetic and loveable at the same time. Opposite her Imran Abbas also does a wonderful job, although we wish his role was explored more and specially the tension he faces from all sides. And Saba Faisal is killing it as the villain as well, and she seems to be the one who gives her utmost to each line and scene!

One of the high points of this  episode, and every episode before, has always been the high production level courtesy of Abdullah Seja who has put immense thought into everything, from the selection of actors to the script itself. Accompanied by this is Ahmed Bhatti’s hard work in ensuring that the cinematography is top-notch to match with the talented actors! These two aspects of Thora Sa Haq are definitely at the top of my favorite things about the drama and the producer and director have pulled off a wonderful job!

There are certain things we wish to see more from Thora Sa Haq, such as more screen time for characters like Hareem who the audience would love to know more of. Of course it seems like she will soon find out about the secret marriage and the way she will react is something we look forward to! Overall, Thora Sa Haq has remained good entertainment which shows through its popularity every week and hopefully it continues to do so well in the future!

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Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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