As excellent reviews pour in for Captain Marvel worldwide, sheer excitement has been building up among Pakistani fans too. Fans are absolutely eager to see the latest addition to the hugely acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe i.e Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel.

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Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting Captain Marvel as this film is expected to play a crucial role in the completion of Avengers’s saga. After last year’s blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, this film was anticipated to be another big hit.

EPK has received numerous messages from Marvel Fans who want to know why the film has not released in Pakistan. Therefore, we did proper research and found out shocking details.

Unfortunately the film has not seen release in Pakistan yet while it released worldwide on 8th March expect for Japan. As per our sources, Captain Marvel is likely not to release in Pakistan at all.

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The Pakistani distributor who has been releasing Disney films in recent times is currently undergoing some trouble with the network. As per our sources, Disney has held back the release of Captain Marvel in Pakistan as the distributor has not cleared Disney’s previous payments.

Moreover, the distributor has previously released two major Bollywood films Simmba and Zero in Pakistan. According to our sources their payments have still not been cleared by major cinema exhibitors as exhibitors have always been in the habit of delaying payments to distributors.

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According to reliable sources, cinema exhibitors are now citing the current situation of cinemas as the reason for further delays in payments. After the ban on Indian films, cinemas have been affected adversely. Shows have been cancelled owing to empty halls and their business has taken a major blow.

As per sources, Disney has opened the film to all distributors and Disney is willing to give its film to any other distributor who is willing to pay a substantial amount for it. However, no distributor will pay a hefty amount right now owing to the current situation.

It has been said that cinemas owners have caused this crisis upon themselves by themselves as they have been habitual in delaying payments. If Cinemas had made timely payments then distributors would have not been able to shift the blame to them.

After this revelation, we can only hope that the situation does get better in coming days as Disney has some potential blockbusters lined up in coming months. Captain Marvel has done a great business worldwide and the film could have done well here as well. In addition if the situation does not improve, the release of another highly anticipated Disney’s film Avengers: Endgame may be in jeopardy in the near future in Pakistan.

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  1. Laila March 16, 2019

    Well at least PEMRA cant sleep easy at night. Imagine having to censor a film a.....gasp.....heroine. the entire movie would be cut. We certainly cant have female role models. No we prefer our females portrayed as the poor helpless damsel inveternal.distress. A victim who will never fight for her rights or in any way grow a spine. No matter what happens, she will stand by her husband. He can beat her, cheat on her, abort her child, take her money, throw her out, make her destitute, even divorce her at whim and then demand halala at whim. She will never leave. Thats the kind of women we like. Victims. Not fighters.

  2. MarvelFanBoy March 24, 2019

    Any update on Endgame release date ? I see disney's Dumbo also got cancelled. That's now seems impossible that Endgame will release in Pakistan. Only this movie can bring life to Pakistani cinema before Eid. Local distributor should get license for this one film.