Khalil ul Rehman Qamar is a distinguished writer who has written several popular drama serials and given us hit films like Punjab Nahe Jaungi that we truly adore. His upcoming film has been written and directed by himself, is releasing on Eid ul Azha.

Kaaf Kangana’s Trailer Promises A Beautiful Love Story

The film will be a debut film for Eshal Fayyaz who is looking stunning in her avatar. Eshal started off as a model and did not plan on join acting. She was contacted for a role and she auditioned. Her audition was approved and that is how it all started. Now Eshal is venturing into movies with Kaaf Kangana.

Kaaf Kangana
Kaaf Kangana

She is playing an Indian girl who will fall for a Pakistani boy played by the handsome Sami Khan, who is currently enjoying the box office success of his latest outing Wrong No 2.

Talking to EPK Eshal Fayyaz revealed that she was intimidated by the well known writer and director however she soon overcame her fear. She was approached by the director who flew her over for an audition.She admitted that she was not able to give her best initially however after Khalil ul Rehman’s assurance and encouragement, Eshal managed to impress the director.

Even Sami was very impressed by her performance and he could not help but praise her. He termed her as a “surprise package” of the film. Here is what they director and actor had to say about Eshal.

Kaaf Kangana has been through some casting troubles especially for the lead actress and some supporting roles as well. Luckily, the film managed to move past its problems and is now gearing up for release.

Kaaf Kangana Features A Visually Stunning Romantic Number

The film’s music is very promising and we have gotten a glimpse of it in the trailer as well. The film looks promising with beautiful cinematography and shots. The film also stars Sajid Hasan, Ayesha Omar and Aabi Khan. Have a look at the trailer of the upcoming flick here:


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