Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is truly a very powerful drama with a lot of depth. We see a lot a variation in the drama in form of Bhola, Noori and Sahir. They are some of the most humane, realistic and flawed characters on television right now and it is their humane aspect that makes them profound and sometimes beautiful.

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Noori’s character developed gradually from a feisty and headstrong girl who loses her fight and spark when she is betrayed in love. Learning her lesson, she changes for the good and becomes a selfless and a caring person. Despite putting up a strong countenance for a while, she melts once again when Sahir provokes and manipulates her into believing that he still loves her.

The drama has taken a dark twist as the love stricken Noori has given in to Sahir’s pseudo love. Our once favorite character Noori shows no remorse in betraying Bhola. At this point, the audiences can tell that Sahir is only manipulating Noori for his own benefit.

He wishes to get rid of both Noori and Bhola in order to attain their wealth and marry Nusrat’s daughter. However, Noori has become naive and selfish in love. Amidst this, it is Bhola who is suffering the most. He is being victimized by Noori, Nusrat Chacha and Sahir. All three are out to drive him crazy for their own personal motives which is truly unfortunate and tragic.

Noori who was meant to be Bhola’s savior is now being entrapped by Sahir and it appears she will need saving herself eventually. Among all of this, Bhola has left home as he feared being put in a mental asylum. Noori has fallen pregnant and Sahir is still adamant about getting Noori divorced and thrown out of the house.

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While audiences are expecting the worst to happen now, someone proposed an intriguing theory which could possibly make Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Pakistan’s Game Of Thrones. What if Bhola does not return and therefore Noori is unable to get divorced. Therefore their plan goes amiss or is delayed for a long duration.

While Nusrat and Sahir are next devising their next strategies and Noori is distressed with not be able to get a divorce, Bhola returns after a couple of months, a changed man.

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Without Nustrat Chacha’s wrong medication, Bhola starts to heal. He is taken in by someone who gets him medically treated. Bhola returns months later. He reveals Nusrat and Sahir’s true intentions and wins Noori over?


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