Laal kabootar has been helmed by Kamal Khan. The film has been produced by Hania Chima and Kamil Chima. The upcoming film is shedding light on the criminal activities that take place in the streets of Karachi, a theme which has been long due. It is a thriller and a crime based drama, which is said to be straight out of the streets of Karachi. The film appears to be intense and realistic. The movie features Ahmed Ali Akbar in an avatar, we have never seen before. Similarly, we see all the characters appear raw, crude and intense. The film also features Mansha Pasha along with Ali Kazmi and Saleem Mairaj.



The teaser shows us the emotional turmoil all the characters seem to be undergoing. The only dialogue we hear throughout is from the character of the protagonist, Ahmed Ali Butt. As he says “It takes a criminal to find another criminal”, we understand the premise of the movie. The teaser includes action, suspense, drama and we also see a glimpse of a song.

The film is based on the bitter reality of the world of crime and will show us how the life of crime will govern the lives of the characters, rendering them either helpless or very powerful.  Basing on the lives of common men and women, it will also be challenging the status quo.

The teaser appears intriguing, lets see how the film actually is. The film releases in March of 2019.


Watch the trailer here:


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