Bandish is an upcoming drama of ARY. The drama has been produced by The Big Entertainment. The production house is known for making unconventional dramas that target taboos. Bandish is likewise one drama that is addressing a serious yet frightening aspect of our society.

The drama highlights the social ill of black magic in our society. Black magic is common among the lower classes where there is a lack of awareness. The drama stars Marina Khan, Sajid Hassan, Zubab Rana in pivotal roles.

The teasers of the drama suggest that Marina Khan’s character will have trouble marrying her daughters off as someone has cast a spell on her family. An ill-wisher is shown performing the act of Black magic in all the teasers.

The spell gets to Zubab Rana’s character and prevents her from marrying anyone. In the first teaser we see that the girl is happy about being wedded in a well off family to someone she instantly takes a liking to. However, as he asks her if she wishes to marry him, the spell takes the better of the girl. She immediately misbehaves while it appears that she has been possessed.

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Similarly in the other teaser, we get to know that she lost her first husband on her wedding night. Her husband passes away. As the girl is prepared to marry again and is ready to sign her nikkah nama, the magic once again takes over.

She faints and gets a seizure and the marriage is immediately broken off. While the idea of casting spells is truly frightening and disturbing, we are yet to find out who is wrecking the girl’s life? Either someone wants to marry the girl himself or simply wishes bad for her. All in all, the drama has piqued our curiosity.

Watch the second teaser here:


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