Disney’s much anticipated live action film The Lion King is just 12 days away from its release but the film is already soaring at the buzz meter. The film is likely to open with a bang at Pakistani boxoffice and will definitely take one of the biggest starts of 2019 at the boxoffice. Avengers: Endgame earlier this year had shattered all records in Pakistan despite no release in dubbed version but The Lion King is releasing in dubbed version as well.

Relive Your Childhood With The Lion King’s Trailer!

The most special thing about dubbed version of The Lion King is this that the voice of King Mufasa is lent by the Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. SRK easily enjoys a huge fan following in Pakistan and has most films in top 15 all time opening days in Pakistan. He is the only star whose four films have opened with over PKR 20 million on its opening day in Pakistan.

Generally dubbed version can add around 40-60lacs in a single day for big english action films. But The Lion King is not that type and it is more families and kids driven. But the presence of SRK as Mufasa will definitely boost the initials of the film.

Shah Rukh Khan Coming To Pakistani Cinemas Soon

The film will easily take biggest start ever for a live action adaption. Furthermore, it will take biggest initial ever for children venture and with the name of SRK attached to it will definitely take it a notch higher. Despite being a film for families it might take as big start as action films in dubbed version due to SRK.

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