Pakistani Drama Industry is deeply devoted into portraying the most realistic image of human sentiments and emotions possible. Almost all the dramas being made present human sentiments in raw form and showcase how a person truly feels going through the ups and downs of life’s cruelty. Similar is the case with Drama Serial Haiwan which is being aired on ARY Digital every Wednesday. Written by Sara Sadain Syed and directed by Mazhar Moin Haiwan is an intense story of an unforgivable sin that leads to a lifetime of guilt and regret, this serial is a powerhouse of sentiments and emotions.

The subject of the drama serial revolves around child abuse and post-traumatic stress causing various other mental illnesses. Starting with the cover of the serial, it is a chaotic image of the three major characters present in the serial. The powerful expressions of all three characters are expressing the inner conflict and the external turmoil of these characters.

The character of Hameed, played by the maestro, Faysal Quraishi, is a rude and stern man who has a habit of frequent drinking. His life changes when he commits a crime under the influence of alcohol. He is constantly seen trying to repress his inner conscience which is masterly presented through blurry hazes of his memory and by crippling flashbacks in the scenes of drama serial. He is often seen being lost in his own thoughts and prayers of repentance and he is being taken aback by minute things and actions.  He gets paranoid and his personality takes a slow gradual shift and he comes out as a paranoid stern characters under the burden of his conscience and external pressures. This truly depicts how a person’s conscience eats him alive.



The character of Azra, played by the legendary, Sawera Nadeem, is a widow who lives a simple life with her two daughters. She goes through two terrible tragedies of losing her husband and daughter back to back and is seen losing her consciousness gradually and then all of a sudden. Viewers are taken aback by the legendry performance the actress Sawera Nadeem gives playing the role of a mentally unstable mother and a widow. The dialogues and actions are filled with sorrowful emotions which are directly reflecting the inner condition of her after losing the most important people in her life.


The occasional playing of the title song of the drama serial adds to the tone and mood of the Drama.

Momina, played by the gorgeous, Sanam Chaudhry, is the eldest daughter of Azra. Her mental state and existential anguish is reflected in her dialogues too. She gives a powerful performance through her actions in melt downs while maintaining her subtlety and maturity as an actress.




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