We recently saw the release of Pinky Memsaab on 7th December. Film’s trailer appeared intriguing but the makers failed to promote the film effectively, as the film saw a low turnout. Later, as bad reviews flooded in, the film’s business has been suffering. It garnered a poor response at boxoffice. The film has been rejected by the masses. The film which has been helmed and written by Shazia Khan has been largely criticized for being abrupt. The story line seems to lack completion. The scenes which start off very nicely seem to fade away later, making us wonder upon the very purpose of this film.

While Kiran Mailk, Hajra Yamin, Adnan Jaffar and Sunny Hinduja have acted very well, the movie too looks glamorous and the issues raised in the film are powerful, however Pinky Memsaab has still failed to leave a mark. The film’s performance has been extremely low at the box office as it almost crashed on Monday. The Hajra Yamin starrer had a very low turnout over the Weekend and Monday’s crash indicates that the film will be replaced by two new releases coming Friday at most cinemas.

Furthermore, it has raked in similar numbers to Mortal Engines. Mortal Engines is a foreign movie which had the genre of sci-fi and fantasy. In comparison Pinky Memsaab should have performed better. Mortal Engines was allocated a lesser number of shows than Pinky Memsaab but still bagged similar numbers to Pinky Memsaab. Film’s performance is much lower than films like Cake and Motorcycle Girl which targeted the same audience.


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