The catchy jingle of Coke’s previous advertising campaign, Zalima Coca Cola pe la dey, managed to gather a lot of attention. It garnered a huge response. However, not many people know, that this jingle originated from a song that was created in the 80s. The jingle rather has a very amusing history.

This song was created for a Punjabi Film, “Chan tay surma”. The film was directed by Masud Butt. Epk asked the director to share the song’s history with us.



The director told us that the birth of this song steams from a funny anecdote. Khawaja Pervaiz was the composer of this song. There were talks on making a song that will open a scene where everyone is drinking while the girl performs and sings. During this, Khawaja Pervaiz asked his helper to get him some cigarettes and a bottle of coke. The helper brought the cigarettes however forgot the coke. Upon this, Khawaja Pervaiz remarked, Zalima I asked for a coke too.



This is where the idea occurred to him.

Khawaja Pervaiz later suggested, that doing a scene with wine bottles may cause problems with the censor board so there was a clever way to get the song cleared. He suggested using coke bottles instead of wine bottles. The jingle he composed for this purpose was the famous, Zalima coca cola pi la de!



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