Pinky Memsaab is a modern-day tale based on two female characters. Hajra Yamin plays Pinky, who is an innocent traditional girl from the suburbs whereas Kiran Malik plays a beautiful socialite who appears to be living with a golden spoon in her mouth. She seems to have it all while Pinky comes from a backward rural area.

Pinky’s fate and will power uproots her from her life in the suburbs and ventures her into her memsaab’s lavish world. Dubai becomes the world of Pinky’s fantasies. Pinky is not afraid to dream as she expresses her wish to become an empowered, independent and confident person like her memsaab. The storyline is catchy and close to reality. It seems to be telling us that all that glitters is not gold.

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To be honest, the movie is a breath of fresh air. While many movies capitalize on glamour and item songs, we finally have a movie with substance. This movie is simple yet appealing. However, the film has failed to create a good enough buzz. While, the story is truly commendable, the makers have left us wondering, where has the cast and the crew of this film disappeared? And why have they been unable to create a buzz?

Not everyone is a showman who can allure people. And showmanship is an art many should learn. When the trailer of this film was released, the content appealed spectators. There was a buzz that was naturally created on the trailer. The trailer has managed to get 1 million views on facebook while above 4 lakh on YouTube. However, Pinky memsaab has been unable to capitalize on this. The film has failed to maintain its hype.

This happened because Pink Memsaab has employed a very weak promotional strategy. The movie has not been given its due affection as the team of Pinky Memsaab seems uninterested. Is going to a few talkshows/morning shows really enough?

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In addition, the director of the film, Shazia Khan is based in Dubai which has become a hindrance in the film’s promotion. Nobody seems to be present here. The film is only 2 weeks away from its release and there is no excitement at ticket windows. Nobody is talking about the movie. Even though, it is a good movie. Kiran Malik has done a marvelous job in the film whereas Hajra Yamin has truly given a powerful performance. The supporting actors have given a convincing performance too.

The team of Pinky Memsaab shared pictures from when they went to Bahria University Karachi Campus to promote their film. It’s a comical sight really, as the students around them are either indifferent or they do not even know that these two ladies are actors. Where is the display of star power?

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Hajra Yamin and Kiran Malik at Bahira University

Dobara phir se was another example of movie that failed because of poor planning. The Movie starred Hareem Farooq in its lead. It should have managed a decent amount of attention however, Dobara phir se was not promoted enough either.

The team of Pinky Memsaab presenting to a handful of students

While Rambo may not have too many fans in this generation however, all the hype they managed to create on his entry in a public place was praiseworthy. They have largely been involved in not only running promotional Ads on television but they also engaged the audiences by introducing fun activities that included the audience. The amount of promotion, Donkey king has done has been phenomenal. The makers of Donkey King know what it takes to be  showmen.

Rambo and Sahiba

Similarly Cake is another example of a film that was very well promoted. Saman Saeed, Adnan Malik and Amna Sheikh were everywhere. Their promotional activities were in full swing. In addition their digital marketing was apt. They managed to gather a lot of attention on social media. Their strategy to involve Imran Khan and screen the movie to him became the talk of the town. Their promotional strategies were highly engaging.

Adnan Malik, Sanam Saeed and Amna Sheikh

These are the differentiating points which certainly play a role in the performance of a film. Pinky Memsaab is still two weeks away. Our advice? Revise your strategy!

The film releases on 7th December. Watch the trailer here:

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