Aangan’s love angle has sprouted and we have finally got something to look forward to in the drama. The build up while was beautiful, but was rather slow. However the previous few episodes have been extremely interesting

4 Things To Look Forward to In Aangan!

Ever since Aliya has started living with Jameel’s family things have been shaping up. Chammi’s love for Jmaeel is one sided, although for some time they had us fooled that there might be something there.

Sajal Aly Shines In Aangan

Jameel has shifted focus to Aliya who doesn’t want to reciprocate fdue to obvious reservations. The promo of upcoming episode shows Chammi in her usual colors. Their Aunt has encouraged her to study and has offered her help to out.

There are signs of budding romance between Jamaeel and Aliya, it seems like Aliya is slipping and Jameel has noticed! Chammi has also sensed something and is resentful.

Who is Chammi’s mystery guy Manzoor? Aangan’s big question!

She will also be seen get in an argument with her teacher. Will Chammi manage to learn or will her crude behavior be a hindrance in the way?

More importantly will tonight’s episode be the one where Aliya admits her love for Jameel?

Jameel & Aliya in Aangan

Aangan’s Chammi a fitting addition to Sajal Ali’s various adorable characters

While drama is based in the partition era, the subject is currently a sub-text. The story mostly follows the issues, crisis and relationships in the family. Either way the story is developing into something really interesting. It is yet to be seen if the drama ends up breaking our hearts with a sad ending like Dastan, or show the light at the end of the tunnel!


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