Disney’s The Lion King has turned out to be a huge hit at Pakistani box office. Live action remake of 1994’s The Lion King, film has done exceedingly well in third week despite the mega release of Hobbs and Shaw.

The Lion King has already collected over PKR 165 million in three weeks from Pakistan and is 5th highest grossing English film till date in Pakistan. Despite being such a huge hit and releasing in summers which is a very friendly season at ticket window, The Lion King won’t be able to beat The Donkey King at Pakistani box office.

The Lion King box office collection

Geo Films’ The Donkey King had collected over PKR 245 million and stands tall as highest grossing animated film in Pakistan. The Donkey King is miles ahead of any other animated film as no other animated film has even crossed 100 million mark in Pakistan. The Lion King carried a much bigger brand value and had much favorable release scenario as The Donkey King had released in October.

The Lion King has done really well in terms of week to week trending and is a huge hit but The Donkey King’s trending is unmatchable. The Donkey King is the only film in the history which had bigger week three compared to first week. And this will probably not happen again.

Below are weekly boxoffice collections of The Lion King and The Donkey King.

Week One:-
The Lion King.. 87.5 million
The Donkey King.. 40 million

Week Two:-
The Lion King.. 57 million
The Donkey King.. 51 million

Week Three:-
The Lion King.. 22 million
The Donkey King.. 50.5 million

3 Weeks Total:-
The Lion King.. 166.5 million
The Donkey King.. 141.5 million

The Lion King vs Jurrasic World at Pakistani Box Office

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