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Disney’s The Lion King is showing excellent boxoffice performance all over Pakistan with best performance coming from Karachi. The film is also doing very solid business in the twin cities with 10 days gross hitting PKR 19 million. The Lion King is a live action remake of Disney’s blockbuster released with same title back in 1994.

The Lion King Box office collections

The target audiences of The Lion King is very diverse. Usually such films have kids as the target audience but The Lion King is appealing to all the ages. Previously, The Donkey King released last year was an animated feature but it catered to all ages. The Donkey King holds each and every record for animated features in Pakistan and is all time highest grossing film for animated features with leaps and bounds. The Lion King despite being a live action feature, won’t be able to reach the levels of The Donkey King.

The Donkey King had done amazing business in Rwp/Isl. The film goes down as one of the rarest films of all time which had better second week compared to the first week. The Lion King is hitting PKR 19 million mark in Rwp/Isl in 10 days whereas The Donkey King had collected around PKR 16.5 million in 10 days but trending was exceptional. Even though The Lion King has very good trending too but The Donkey King was just exceptional.

The Donkey King had raked in PKR 8.5 million in first week and still went on to collect over PKR 53 million in the twin cities which is even more than mega blockbuster Avengers: Endgame’s lifetime collections in Rwp/Isl. The lifetime numbers of The Donkey King in Rwp/Isl came at a multiplier of x6.25 compared to first week which is never seen before for any film.

The Lion King leads well so far but will fall well short of lifetime numbers of The Donkey King and the difference might be more than double. The difference after opening week was close to PKR 5 million but after second weekend it has shrunk to PKR 2.4 million.

Below are the boxoffice numbers of The Lion King and The Donkey King in Rwp/Isl for the first 10 days.

Week One:-
The Lion King.. 13.2
The Donkey King.. 8.4 million
2nd Weekend:-
The Lion King.. 5.8 million
The Donkey King.. 8.2 million
10 Days Total:-
The Lion King.. 19 million
The Donkey King.. 16.6 million

The Donkey King box office collection

The Lion King had very solid trending during second Weekend but The Donkey King is just unimaginable. The Donkey King’s second weekend alone similar to first week.


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