The Legend Of Maula Jatt Boxoffice: Is making 100 crore possible or unrealistic?

There are always two sides to a story. As Bahoo Films claimed that they have attained court stay order on the release of The Legend of Maula Jatt, we reached out to the lawyer of the defendant party to get their comment.

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Barrister Ahmed Pansota apprised EPK on the current proceedings and alarmingly enough he completely denied the stay order. Instead he informed us that the order will be coming in tomorrow.

“Today in High Court our case was fixed for hearing ,where in Sarwar Bhatti had challenged the stay vacation order that was pass in intellectual property tribunal here in Lahore. As per the order there were two sides, as per the first side we were allowed to use of copy rights and our copy rights certificate was approved for the reason that Sarwar Bhatti has cinematographic rights and we had the literary right which we had acquired by the virtue of the rights that vested in Mr Nasir Adeeb. By the virtue of that the stay was vacated, the other party had challenged this that why was the stay was vacated.

Once the court started hearing that case the other party insited that stay vacated order should be suspended the court only passed an order to the effect that the part i.e. The legend of Maula Jatt abstains from using the copy rights in any unauthorized manner. This meant that any unauthorized use of copy rights under the name of Sarwar Bhatti is disallowed.

We in response to that , the counsel submitted before the court that we are in no way interested in violating or using the copy rights in unauthorized way,because we are using it by the virtue of the copy rights certificate that has been granted to us. Therefore the court ascertained that in that case this does not affect you.

The order is yet to be passed and order sheet is yet to come in public domain. Whatever was discussed in court today entailed that unauthorized use of copyrights should be stopped. We can never think of using something unauthorized, we have the copyrights certificate with us.

The judge responded and agreed that if you have the certificate then it should not be a problem. In legal terms this is called stating the obvious, for example we are told that we will not do anything illegal or unlawful, and we agree.We claim that we are working under the copyright certificate. “

Their lawyer also informed EPK that there has been some misreporting in the media:

The order issued by the Honourable Lahore High Court, today, is being mis-reported in the media. In no way have we been restrained from releasing our movie the Legend of Maula Jutt. The Honourable High Court has merely directed us to not use any unauthorized copyright or trademarks. To this extent, there is no change in the status quo. We are not using any unauthorised copyright or trademarks, anyway. We have a valid Copyright Certificate on the Script for the Legend of Maula Jutt. The Honourable High Court is cognisant of our Copyright Certificate.

It must be also be stated that media should bear restraint in reporting and discussing Today’s Order since there is no written order as of yet.
Mr Sarwar Bhatti has created pre-mature and unnecessary hue and cry. Mr Bhatti appears to be using the sacred platform of this second highest forum for the dispensation of justice in Pakistan for pressurising the team of the Legend of Maula Jutt. Mr Bhatti’s malicious intent to mislead the general public is laid bare through such conduct. This propaganda is being spewed to discredit the team of the Legend of Maula Jutt.

This is all on the basis of the court proceeding today, the order has not been issued as yet!”

As we get more information on this case, EPK will be updating you soon.


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  1. Ali March 18, 2019

    Team the legend of Maula Jutt neither have any trade mark nor copyright with the title "the legend of Maula Jutt" I don't know how they are authorized to infringe to copyright owner's rights legal rights?