Veteran Pakistani writer Nasir Adeeb is truly a living legend with an impressive number of 412 films to his credits. The distinguished writer wrote his first spy fiction novel in ninth grade. However, writing novels was never enough for him. The illustrious writer hoped to script blockbuster hits for the big screen one day.

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Soon after, the writer’s wishes were materialized. Nasir Adeeb rose to the height of his fame in 1975 with Wehshi Jatt which became a Punjabi cult classic followed by the iconic Maula Jatt which broke all boxoffice records and ran for two years in cinemas across the country. Nasir Adeeb’s journey from a struggling writer to a well accomplished script writer has been inspiring. His sincerity, conviction and hard work was acknowledged recently as he was awarded the Presidential Pride of Performance award for his contributions to Pakistani cinema.

40 years after the success of the iconic Maula Jatt, Nasir Adeeb has penned down the script of another hotly anticipated film, The Legend of Maula Jatt. The Bilal Lashari’s directorial stars some of the industry’s most adored actors and is likely to be another hit.

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Epk got a hold of the highly esteemed Punjabi writer and asked him to share which Punjabi films have been the writer’s all time favorite!

The Five best Punjabi films as per writer Nasir Adeeb are as follows:

1- Kartar Singh

2- Heer Ranjha

3- Wehshi Jatt

4- Dhee Rani

5- Choorian

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