The much anticipated Maula Jatt rendition by Bilal Leshari and Ammara Hikmat has been midst of controversy and legal battle. The producer of the original Maula Jatt claimed rights to the concept and the title “Maula Jatt”.

The film stars the dashing Fawad Khan, dapper Hamza Ali Abbasi and the gorgeous diva Mahira Khan. What better trio to star together in a film than these three? Naturally fans are eagerly looking forward to this film.

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However, looks like they have managed to put their troubles to bed, and are moving forward. As the makers and stars revealed the first poster of the movie.The poster has actually revealed the title of the movie “The legend of Maula Jatt”. The movie is in Punjabi however the title is in English, which is actually very interesting.

Mahira Khan also joined in to show her excitement for the film.

We are right there with you Mahira!

Now, the queen herself broke the news that the trailer is going to be released on 21 Decemeber 2018.


What is amazing is the fact that it is also Mahira’s birthday on 21! This is the best way Mahira can send out her love to her fans! Maula Jatt is highly anticipated movie of 2019 with an amazing cast we cannot wait to catch at least a glimpse of it. SRK Zero is also releasing on 21st so it is going to be big day for entertainment biz.

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