The Legend Of Maula Jatt Boxoffice: Is making 100 crore possible or unrealistic?

Bilal Lashari’s directorial The Legend of Maula Jatt is potentially a blockbuster in the making. The film stars the heartthrob Fawad Khan, the very dashing Hamza Ali Abbasi and everyone’s favorite Mahira Khan. The film is an ambitious project and the most expensive film to come out of Pakistani cinema.

The film has created a lot of buzz in the market and there is also a lot of talk in trade regarding the possible business of The Legend of Maula Jatt. Epk first started the debate upon the film’s business when we invited the writer of the film over to our studio. We asked Nasir Adeeb what he believes will be the upcoming film’s business? The writer was of the view that this film is likely to be the first film in Pakistan which will rake in 100 Cr. The writer gave his claim back in August 2018. Since then the entire trade has been saying that The Legend of Maula Jatt is likely to rake in 100 Cr.

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The whole trade is largely optimistic about the film earning 100 crore at the boxoffice in domestic market. However, is making 100 Cr in Pakistan even plausible for any film?

The Legend of Maula Jatt

There are 160 cinema screens in Pakistan right now and in normal days ceiling is around 5.5-6cr approx but during Holidays especially Eid Holidays this ceiling goes beyond 7cr mark.

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Let’s analyze the case of The Legend of Maula Jatt and conclude what the film will need to do in order to actually secure 100 Cr. If the film manages to perform exceptionally well, then it may just actually hit 100 Cr.

First of all, it is not possible for a film to acquire all shows and even if we assume that The Legend Of Maula Jatt takes a maximum 60-70% of total shows in a single day, that would allow it a ceiling of maximum 5 crores approx in a single day.

Eid is falling on Wednesday this year which would mean in best case scenario, the total capacity of extended Weekend for The Legend Of Maula Jatt will be around 25 crores approx. Now if there are multiple films or other big films releasing then this capacity will come down to around 18-20cr approx.

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As there is a fall on Weekdays, the Weekdays capacity will automatically come down and we can expect a capacity of around 15 crores approx. This means the film’s 9 days extended week’s capacity will go around 35cr approx and in best case scenario it will go over 40cr approx.

So how many 40cr can the film rake in? In order to make a 100 Crores, the film needs at least 90% average occupancy in its first whole Week which will set its base. Then the film will require excellent word of mouth, the film will then need to make sure that its week two performance should not see a fall of more than 20%.

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The film will be battling its way through several huge English films through out the summers and then the Cricket World Cup. It will be interesting to see how much of these external factors effect the film’s performance.

Succinctly, the film needs to have jammed packed houses with an average occupancy of 90% for a couple of weeks, followed by excellent buzz for the next couple of Weeks, if it hopes to rake in 100 crores.

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So we can say, YES 100 crore is very possible but for that the film will have to show sureal boxoffice trending which has never been seen before in Pakistani Cinema and it will also need external factors to play in the favor of the film.

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  1. Hamid Faraz February 12, 2019

    100 cr right now seems very difficult in domestic market. Number of screens should be increased, especially single screens in Mass markets .

  2. Imran Siddiqi February 14, 2019

    i doubted.... even 50 crore is an uphill task to me

  3. JUTT SHB June 15, 2019

    inshallah more than 100 crore....