The upcoming comedy film Heer Maan Ja has four tracks in total. While two are complete entertainers like Aadi Maar and the title track Heer Maan Ja, Kuch Tu Hua Ha is a romantic track. The maker have released the fourth track of the film now.

Kuch Tu Hua Ha from Heer Maan Ja Will Bring Out Your Inner Romantic

Chan Mahi is a heartbreaking song but its vocals will win you over. Sung by Abdullah Qureshi, the slow Punjabi number from Heer Maan Ja is very soulful. The lyrics are beautiful, filled with compassion, sincerity and heartbreak.

The music video shows Heer and Kabir drifting apart . The videos has a series of disjointed scenes where they are reminiscing in their sweet memories as well as scenes where they are angry with each other.

After the soulful romantic track Kuch Tu Hua Ha, Chan Mahi has become our favorite track from the film. This is the type of song you can listen to on repeat. Check out the song here!

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