Iconic actor and producer Syed Kamal has a diverse cinematic legacy. Famous for his striking resemblance to Raj Kapoor, he made his film debut in Thandi Sarak (1957) imitating the style of Raj Kapoor. However, Syed Kamal established himself as a huge star by the mid sixties by landing back-to-back hits. He worked relentlessly and was seen in several popular films like Tauba (1963), Aashiana (1964) Aisa Bhi Hota Hai (1965) Behan Bhai and others. He turned producer for popular films like Joker and Insaan aur Gadha among others. The legendary actor was also the recipient of Nigar Award.

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It is not commonly known that Syed Kamal is also the first Pakistani producer who started the trend of making a sequel and then a threequel in Pakistan film history.

Following is Pakistan’s first ever threequel produced and directed by Syed Kamal.

1. Jatt Kurian Tun Darda (1976)

The first part of his famous threequel was “Jatt Kurian tun darda” which released in 1976. The film starred Neelo, Kamal, Najma, Nisho, Rangeela and Aslam Parvez. The film was a boxoffice hit!

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2. Ajj Dian Kurrian (1977)

The sequel of the film was released in 1977 by the title, Ajj Dian Kurrian with the same cast and a few additions. This was another hit at the Boxoffice.

3. Kal De Munday (1978)

The threequel Kal De Munday starred Najma, Kemal, Musarrat Shaheen, Asif Khan, Chakori, Usman Pirzada, Ali Ejaz, Irfan Khoost and Ali Ahmad among others. The film released in 1978 and was unfortunately a flop at the Boxoffice.

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