Upcoming drama Alif is a much anticipated project as it has a very fine cast. The heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi will be returning to our Tv screens after a very long hiatus in Alif. In addition, Kubra Khan, Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan, Yashma Gill and Hina Ashfaq will also be seen in the drama. Besides its stellar cast, the drama has been written by the very profound writer Umera Ahmed who also wrote the immensely popular novel Pir-e-Kamil and popular drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

8 reasons why we cannot wait for Alif !

‘Alif’ is a novel set partially in Turkey, while the other half is in Pakistan, and talks about a conscientious filmmaker Momin, who struggles perpetually with his spirituality versus the intricacies of his glamourous world. There is some love interest involved and a whirlwind of emotions surrounding family values, Sufism and a love for dervishes.

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Upcoming drama Alif: as powerful as the letter?

Umera Ahmed’s novel, “Alif” will release nationwide on the 25th of April and you will be able to read what the drama is all about!

Alif by Umera Ahmed

The serial is being directed by Haseeb Hasan who has previously given us amazing dramas like Man Mayal, Diyar-e-Dil, Nanhi and Bol Meri Machlee. While The project is being produced by the dynamic duo of Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz.

Ahsan & Haseeb Hassan talk about upcoming drama Alif


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