The Donkey King emerged as a historical blockbuster, hitting PKR 100, 150 and 200 million marks in Pakistan. The highly successful animated film also became the first Pakistani film ever to release in South Korea. The film took very good initials at the South Korean Box Office as well. Aziz Jindani’s directorial later became the first Pakistani film to release in Spain and now The Donkey King is all set to venture into Russia as the first Pakistani film!

The Lion King vs The Donkey King Boxoffice Comparison Pakistan

The director took to social media to share the good news!

Aziz Jindani is surely becoming a trendsetter when it comes to animated films in Pakistan. After taking Pakistani boxoffice by a storm, he is venturing into new international markets. This is certainly a good initiative for Pakistani cinema as more films will follow suit. For more updates, keep an eye out on this space!

List of Boxoffice Records Held By The Donkey King In Pakistan.


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