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The much awaited animated feature “The Donkey King” released yesterday. Film was released amidst mega expectations and with heavy promotions. Having big names behind the characters, “The Donkey King is a film for all ages”. Makers kept saying this phrase before the release and film has delivered.

“The Donkey King” is the story of a Donkey named Mangu who becomes the ruling king. The film is a perfect blend of comedy and emotions and takes you on an roller coaster ride full of masaala, thrill and even action. Animated films are usually catering to the kids only but this film caters to all audiences out there. Film’s story line  is tight and keeps you hooked to the screens till the last moment and the the leading character i.e. Mangu who looks goofy and clumsy in the start becomes your darling by the end of the film. The connection between father son is one of the major highlights of the film and touches you.

Fact that film is all about a donkey playing a protagonist does make you feel weird when you go to watch the film and you do ask yourself that how can they make donkey a hero. But makers have pulled it off so amazingly that you start adoring the character very soon. The voice of Jan Rambo behind Mangu does complete justice to the role and his style of dialogues brings life to the character of Mangu. The iconic dialogue of Jan Rambo even years later is awesome and the way he has said it this time and the way Aziz Jindani (the Director) has presented it is the limelight of the film.  Not only Mangu, even the other characters of the film are beautifully written and voice actors have done very well with the voices.

Film’s animation is spectacular and is something that has never been done before in Pakistan. Aziz Jindani the man behind the project has done the animation which is excellent and wins you all over. The animation might get some critique and some people might not find it perfect as it is first of it’s kind in Pakistan but it has been done beautifully.

The Film has a very good soundtrack and it is a bonus as we usually don’t see music of such quality in animated films. It is a complete package which has something for people of all ages. Moreover, it is a combination of several genres; it has drama, comedy, emotions, masaala, music and even action. There has been perception here in Pakistan that animated films are made for kids only but team The Donkey King has changed it by proving that an animated film can also be for all ages. So, go with your son, daughter, parents and even grandparents and you won’t be disappointed. Highly Recommended!

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