The Donkey King is the only Pakistani film which has explored new territories. The film has been released in 9 different countries including Turkey, South Korea, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhastan, Spain, Ecuador, Peru and we are still counting! 2018’s mega hit blockbuster has been dubbed in various different languages (Turkish, Ukranian, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Basque, Catalan and others) In addition, the film minted phenomenal numbers at the Boxoffice in Pakistan.

This is truly a matter of great pride for Pakistan. Aziz Jindani has been able to do, what no one could do in the 70 years history of Pakistani cinema! He has explored and ventured into markets which no Pakistani film had penetrated before. He has shown that a Pakistani film can be released in various different territories. Not only did The Donkey King acquire fame and prestige from so many different countries, it was also a commercial success.

Aziz Jindani truly deserves to be put on the highest possible pedestal in Pakistan for his commendable achievement! He rightfully deserves to be awarded for opening the doors of the outer-world for Pakistani Films. We are hopeful that he will share his experiences and knowledge with other filmmakers in Pakistan so that more films can release abroad.

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Unfortunately, Aziz Jindani is not even being acknowledged the way he should have been. Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) should not only recognize him but also take advantage of his knowledge. He should be appointed to give workshops on how to explore and release films in new markets.

While, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was the first Pakistani who truly made Pakistan proud by bagging Oscars and other awards for Pakistan, Aziz Jindani is the second Pakistani who has done Pakistan a great favor. Unfortunately we as a nation fail to credit our people till they are recognized by some other country first. Likewise many of our legendary musicians were only praised in Pakistan, after they were recognized in India.

In addition, our PM Imran Khan is also neglecting the entertainment industry. Imran Khan always had close links in the Pakistani industry. Celebrities supported him in fund raising events and his election campaigns. His party consists of members of the entertainment industry such as Shahzaman Alam and Junoon’s Salman Ahmed.

Many were hopeful that the showbiz industry will truly benefit from his tenure. Hopefully, Pm Imran Khan will acknowledge the exemplary work that is being done in the field of showbiz in Pakistan, soon.

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