donkey king 17 weeks box office collection

Aziz Jindani directed The Donkey King has done really well in its 5 days long weekend in South Korea. The film did take a comparatively slow start but saw gigantic gains on Saturday and Sunday. The Donkey King did 67% of the 5 days bizz on Saturday and Sunday.

The Donkey King South Korea Box Office Collection

As per estimates, the film has closed its 5 day long weekend around PKR 7.5 million. The growth on Saturday and Sunday indicates that the film will be having a solid run in coming weeks. Indian film Andhadhun released same week had almost four time bigger opening day compared to The Donkey King but on Sunday the lead was reduced to mere 15%. The animated feature will start doing better than Andhadhun from Monday onward.

Released in Pakistan last year, The Donkey King had done wonders and still stands tall as only animated film to hit PKR 100 million, 150 million and 200 million marks.

Below is daily estimated Boxoffice breakdown of The Donkey King in South Korea.

Wednesday (incl. previews).. PKR 1.15 million
Thursday.. PKR 0.63 million
Friday.. PKR 0.75 million
Saturday.. PKR 2.62 million
Sunday.. 2.38 million
Total.. PKR 7.53 million

The hold over the weekdays will indicate where the film is heading for first week run and the lifetime run.

The Donkey King Set to Conquer South Korea


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