Aziz Jindani directed The Donkey King has taken a very strong start in South Korea. Trending of the film has been very solid. The Donkey King has roped in around $ 32.8k in first four days of its release from South Korea.

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The Donkey King had emerged a huge blockbuster in Pakistan last year. The film had registered historical numbers in Pakistan. The film had taken a small start in Pakistan but went on to collect around PKR 245 million becoming first and only animated film to hit 100, 150 and 200 million marks.

The Donkey King opened in South Korea on Wednesday and in just 4 days the film has roped in over PKR 5 million from South Korea. The film has seen phenomenal pick on Saturday as Saturday numbers alone are around 50% of the grand total.

Below are The Donkey King’s daily estimated Boxoffice breakdown in South Korea.

Wednesday (incl. previews).. PKR 1.15 million
Thursday.. PKR 0.63 million
Friday.. PKR 0.75 million
Saturday.. PKR 2.62 million
Total.. PKR 5.15 million

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The growth on Saturday was humongous for The Donkey King. Indian film Andhadhun also saw release around the same period and has roped in around $ 88k but the gap was very slim between The Donkey King and Andhadhun on Saturday and The Donkey King might actually beat Andhadhun in coming days.


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