Brie Larson is currently reeling in the glory of Captain Marvel’s success at the boxoffice in North America. The film has a significant connection with Avengers: Endgame and is being hugely adored.

The film Captain Marvel also featured Star War’s lightsaber prop which Brie Larson uses in one of the beginning fight sequences of the film. The prop made Brie Larson sentimental as she is a Star War’s fan. She explained that Jackson let her hold the prop, which ended up making Larson cry.

She said, “It was so cool. I wanna be a Jedi.” 

Star War’s official Twitter account acknowledged her sentiments and tweeted her quote. They responded by saying, “The Force is definitely with you, Captain.” 

To this, Larson later responded to the tweet, saying, “Honored to be an intergalactic hero with you.”

The Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Episode IX is which is the closing chapter in the current Star Wars trilogy and also the closing book on the Skywalker saga will also be releasing this year.

Even though both Stars wars and Captain Marvel are under Disney’s umbrella however, the exchange between the two seem to cross promotion tactic and are likely not to have any other connection.


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